Abuse and racism on GGPO


Hello, I am here putting up a dispute against ggpo and its members. I have tried to contact the administrators but nobody seems to care. So now it is a public matter. I have been subject to ridicule on ggpo by fucking idiots like gman and others who were riding him when he was insulting me. I am sick and tired of getting abused for being aboriginal. I am sick and tired of people making fun of the trailer I sleep in. We are not all privileged to sleep in a house. The governments look down upon aboriginals, my centrelink (wellfare) payments were not increased so that I could move out of the trailer. I come on ggpo to play some games, and all I get is abused for my wellfare payments and the trailer I posted a picture of that I sleep in. The picture I posted was merely to show how much injustice is done against me, I had no idea people would be racist.

If the abuse on me does not end, I will report this entire gamining community to the police and make this a matter that will go before the court. I have viable evidence to prove this is all true and I have viable resources that state internet abuse is something that police can protect individuals from.

If the garbage does not end about my life or where i sleep, the owner of this forum will be in court and the administrators for not protecting individuals will also be accounted as associates in the abuse.

So, quit fucking trolling me or I will end this entire gaming community

Scrubquotes is back!

Have you considered making a new user name and then not interacting with the people being obnoxious. I know when I played on GGPO, aside from talking about match ups, I didn’t really get to know anybody.

Aside from that, threatening an entire community over user base of one program seems a bit ridiculous. On a more technical term, just how do you rig up a trailer to get proper connections for GGPO? I mean, I know the software is freaking great but I didn’t think it was good enough to reach the outback.

Also, how about them Waratahs?

Edit: If that’s you in the avatar picture, may I suggest you switch to something else? Usually putting a picture of yourself as your avatar isn’t a great strategy since it invites jokes based on the way you look. If you’re already talking about getting joked on, why add more fuel to the fire, right?




somehow I doubt the validity of this topic


obvious troll is obvious