Abuse online

Do you guys ever come across abuse online when playing with Sim, normally its people sending me message claiming I’m “cheap” as im keeping away from them, any one else have this issue?

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lol constant from mostly Dhalsim’s themselves haha XD greatness I love the messages because it makes me feel accomplished :slight_smile:

I succeeded in kicking your ass and now you’re MAD

Doesn’t need it’s own thread :confused:

LOL I find it funny that my brother (a complete noob) was beating c+ graded people with Dhalsim. I guess since so few play with him online people don’t know how to counter?

I actually noticed that I’ve seen some really top people tear people to shreds but when it came time to face Dhalsim their strategies melted right under him especially Abel and Viper since i’m not on the ground often.

But when it comes to Dhalsim to Dhalsim it’s complete player skill that wins like any other mirror match

I agree…i leveled to 750bp in one sitting, then finally got some competition. Funny thing is that if his strechy normals whiff his apendiges are wide open for punishment, easier target than most imo.

Also, tooo me a minute to npt feel cheap with sim