Abusing cr.lp & cr.hk = bad?

yep, thats me :rolleyes: . ever since i mained chun i cant live without chuns cr.lp (im addicted to the range and speed of that thing) and cr.hk (the range is just inhuman). But recently, i think im using cr.lp and throwing out cr.hk (as long range pokes and punish) too often. If i dont have bars to do ex legs then i find myself just getting in there and using cr.lp like theres no tomorrow to jab the shit out of the guy.
So im wondering if you guys can give me a heads up on what to replace my abuse of cr.lp and cr.hk with, especially cr.hk, i use it a lot and its too risky but i cant help throwing it out there when i see a chance to poke.

c.lp will beat most things up close except maybe boxer’s jab.

if you have no meter, c.lpx2 s.lp s.hp link or go for the throw reset. If they think you’ll go for the throw and they have an aggressive mentality, just block because they’ll dp. if they’re defensive, they might neutral jump or jump back and away and if they do the latter that’s not bad because you now have a positional advantage. edit:forgot they might tech also

Abuse s.mp because they are better pokes imo, and don’t be afraid to walk forward with it.

how about cr.mk , i heard its not a bad move, but i dont see where i can slip that in, its range doesnt seem that bad either, hows it fair with cr. hk?

cr.mk is capable of avoiding some jump-ins like Ryu’s cr.mk. I’ve used it to stuff some of rog’s jabs. But if he gets wise to it you may end up gettin’ hurt. If you’re doing cr.mk please follow up with ex legs.

cr mk is a good poke up close and it links into her FB HSU and Super

As everyone on this board says, cr. HK is huge FA bait and should only be used in safe situations. think of situations this way.

If you cr. HK and get caught in an FADC combo, how much life do you stand to lose.
stay away if you’re facing a shoto for sure. no one wants to eat 1/3rd of their life at once

What do you gain from cr. HK if it hits. a knockdown, reset for mixup games.

cr. Rh, i only use it when i really need to rush them down.

Offline you wont be able be able to spam either lp or cr. rh much at all. Online its more of a asset, because they most likely wont be able to get away from your tick throw, but tick throwing is really not safe on offline matches. so you generally want to work on your footsies game. Try catching them with a lk. lp mp mpkikoken blockstring, and start working on mixup scenarios. not to mention i have taken a habit to back dashing being incorporated into my mixups

Spamming lp or cr. rh wont work in general against a good opponent. Doesn’t matter online or offline. Same with tick throws. Tick throws are never save. There usually always a risk. Good players will break them unless they don’t see them coming.

In other words, mix it up and don’t be obvious about it. Start up some block strings and pick random parts of them to go for the grab. Make the op have to seriously wonder what you’re gonna throw out 24/7.

Being Predictable is a bad sign since Chun has alot of moves keep the opponent guessing.
Try to stay away from DP let them miss that damn thing