AC Games SF4 Tourney @ University of Toronto (Downtown) - 04/26/2009

AC Games SF4 Tournament @ University of Toronto (St. George Campus) - Sunday April 26, 2009

This is not my tournament. I found this post over at the AC Games Forum and thought I’d share.

See Link:

Yikes, smash.

edit - if it brings in more white girls, then no complaints!

white girls ftw

Forget da white ones gimme the azn girls.

Oh great, it’ll b swarming with annoying ass kids because of brawl… oh well, i’m in anyways.


james where bejames

Whoa, you guys are quick on this lol.
Anyways, we’re not 100% sure if we’re having Brawl or another Super Smash Bros. title just yet.

BYOS/C if you guys want, but we’ll probably provide some type of stock stick, and controllers.
Don’t forget to label your own sticks/controllers!

Oh btw, if you guys have any suggestions on the free-play stuff. Post up!
We’ll probably have Alpha Anthology running… most likely GG, CvS2 and maybe MvC2?

Alpha and CvS2 would be great freeplay games

this sounds good

Location will be at the Bahen Center again.
2nd floor, room 2185/2195
Bigger and opener space this time around!
Start time will probably be 1PM till 7PM (hopefully)

I hope I can make it to this.

Take another crack at dat G1

Yo, if you’re going to have smash I can bring lots of people. Msg me when it’s for sure and I’ll make a tourney thread for all the smashers

I’ll come for both!!!

lol cvs2.

It’s pretty much going to be SFIV and Brawl.

No one has any suggestions on free-play stuff?

We’ll of course have an N64, SNES, DC, PS2 and maybe more hooked up.
So name some games and hope we’ll have it!

Oh, btw. I wrote that we’ll have stock sticks hooked up… but they probably aren’t worth playing on for the non-casuals… lol.
We’re sold out of FS3s so… bring your own stick/pad that you’re comfortable with if you can! Don’t forget, label your stick/pad!

Melty blood free play would be fun, I might have a copy lying somewhere.

Damn you :stuck_out_tongue:

Bejames; did you guys sort out this venue fee? Considering last time the venue was free and yet somehow everyone ended up paying for it (not cool) I’d like to see this issue addressed. I personally don’t see why I’m paying for a venue that didn’t cost anyone anything to begin with. On top of that, last time the staff didn’t even know how to make a proper bracket and Gerjay literally ran both tournaments from start to finish with no compensation. If we could get that settled up I’d appreciate it.

Ugh 26th, just realized the date. I’m gonna be a no show, exams ftl.

Exams as well but
i probably know the prof who is hosting it
Hes the head of the video game department at Bahen center

actually thats where i programmed my first game for release there

hopefully ill convince my prof for free pizza and pop

But Jay Wang will lose to Random UofT Rufus players =p