AC Tifa avater request

SO, can someone make me a FFVII AC Tifa avater? i’ll leave the look up to the imagination of the creator, thanks!


yo if you want a avatar like the one your asking for, the best place to go is big beefs request. he will get you your avatar even if you want a sig he’ll get you one of those too so i think you should go there ok?

hi i want a tifa ac av to but i want it to have her fightin sephiroth in the movie and then juggernaut comes in and yells and it has a text bubble where it says my name and he punches them through the wall and then when they fly outside gambit does his super on them 5x until ryu comes and hurricane kicks them back through the wall and then juggernaut steps on them and the avatar ends and make sure on the outside building scene it has a purple smoke background with a moon in the background and it has my name in the corner man thanks appreciate it

this guy is in every avatar thread
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hey all i did here is telling people to try big beef and that he will get you what you want so just shut up!

ROFL. :clap:

thanks, good looking out :tup: