ACA Art of Fighting 2 is now on PS4, the ultimate Art of Fighting game


AOF1 is obsolete and AOF3 took a nosedive in roster selection, soundtrack, and other things (though Kasumi was a plus)

AOF2 really is the definitive AOF game, and even has a popular legendary hidden final boss.

UFC 3 . the most realistic, deepest and hardcore fighting game series reaches greater heights!

Does this not have netplay?


nah, from what it seems, all ACA / Hamster games don’t have online, while Code Mystics fighting game ports do I think, though I have yet to buy a Code Mystics game, I’m saving up for Samurai Shodown V Special, which is said to have online play, though I still bought ACA Samurai Shodown cause it’s awesome and the first time I own arcade perfect SS, the previous version I had was on Genesis.

so yea, ACA is really offline/local play editions I guess.


It must be censored in blood and Mai like Fatal Fury Battle Archives 2 and KOF2000, right?