Accent Core at EVO! YOU can make it happen!


<@MrWizard> the game has to come out first
<@MrWizard> before we would make any changes
<@MrWizard> cant talk what ifs if the game isnt coming out
<@Kai_> but i mean
<@Kai_> is it possible
<@MrWizard> it could be delayed for some unknown reason
<@Kai_> at all
<@MrWizard> anything is possible
<@Kai_> so if the community demanded it and the releases was successful
<@MrWizard> it woul dhave to be overwhelming numbers
<@MrWizard> 90 percentile

Accent Core comes out May 31st! Let’s hit that 90% w/ like 100000 people! Gogo! Accent Core is obviously the better game! Don’t be a bitch!
If you voted Slash, post up why you such a bitch and… all that stuff about why it should be Slash so you can get shitted on and then leave the thread! Thanks!

I voted Accent Core because it’s the newer game, it’ll come out on time, and well, it’s the damn newer game, if you ain’t learn enough in 2 months, you ain’t gonna learn anythin’ at all. And I’ll be going to EVO Finals if it is Accent Core, but if it’s Slash, I don’t have any intentions!

For this thread to hold any validity, you must post a reason why you picked what you did, and if your intentions are in fact to be going to one of the following:

Evo North
Evo West
Evo Finals

Any vote without a post will not be counted.

i will be at evo finals and i feel that 2 months or however long is fuckin idiotic to hold a world major off and lets look at it logically

if i have a team at evo i want to get that guap, what do i have a better chance in the game i’ve been playing for a year (and lets not front like slash is old IT JUST TURNED A YEAR OLD ON CONSOLE) or the game thats been out since june do the right thing slash for free

I voted AC for finals. I think theres plenty of time to go from slash to accent core (it will be out 3 months by the time finals come). Its the better game imo.

I like new games better than old games.
The reason I never play gg for evo is because theres always a new thats not being played.
This would give me incentive.

What the fuck Marn, haven’t you been hating on AC since the shit came out?

I voted Slash, I’ll be going to worlds.

You guys sound like a bunch of three year olds, seriously.

what they said. also, my main is at a major advantage now.

Marn expects free money for an unfamiliar game.

I was originally with AC, but now, after seeing the hassle Arcana players are being put thru for SBO, I’d rather it be Slash all the way.

And if people want free money, there’s already going to be a side tourney at Evo World.

They money will be anything but free. It’s an updated version of GG, it’s not like SFII Hyper Fighting vs. 3S. And FYI this is different than the AC hearts situation. AH has only been out for like a few months and they had an EXPENSIVE upgrade most people couldn’t afford. Slash has been out for quite some time now, and the upgrade will be way more accessible than the upgraded version of AH. I say, if the game gets released on May31st, 2 months is plenty of time to adjust and be competitive in the game@EVO world. However, if it’s released anytime after that I don’t think it would be fair to run AC.

Marn - just learn Ky in Slash and you’ll be fine.

I saw you playing him that one time in PZ anyways.

I mean, if you can learn Eddie…you can easily learn Ky. :rofl:

I voted for slash. Because I personally don’t care for Accent Core. Even character being broken != balance.

Chaotic Blue

I voted for AC because Marn gave me $10.

I voted for Slash because you’re trying to make some big ordeal out of some shit that doesn’t matter.

I voted AC since its the latest version, I will be going to Japan soon and theres no reason for me to play slash anymore once AC is out if AC is going to be at evo. I will be going to evo north, east, and hopefully evo world if I can figure a way to get from japan to the US again for the weekend for not too much expense.

ac please. because Its a newer game and we should all start out on a clean state(sort of).
im going to evo west.

Going to Evo World, voted for AC since it’s the newest game. It’s the same basic engine, even if your character got a total overhaul it’s not gonna take that long to find something that works.

AC all the way!!!

-Tha Hindu

i voted for AC off the fact thats its new. and new fighters is what we need, to keep it fresh.

but the downside to all this madness is by the time the game hits ps2 (ps2 version might be really bad, delayed, etc), 2 evo qualifiers will have already been completed, using slash.

how are we gonna tell those teams that their game that they qualified on, and worked their ass off to qualify, is now getting replaced by a newer version?

on top of all that, this upgrade isnt as simple as #r and slash were. those upgrades were just tweaks to the game engine, mostly. accent core is a massive overhaul that adds a ton of new mechanics that drastically changes a lot of aspects to the game. its not as easy of a switch as it was in the past.

im for either. i do know once it comes out on ps2, i will be playing that, hella more than slash, if at all. so that means ill be rusty at slash and fresh off AC by the time evo finals come, so by then, i will definitely be for AC.

its a shitty situation for gg every year it seems. i think slash transitioned well last year, and it turned out well. i think AC can do the same

Voted AC, planning on going to Evo World unless the version is Slash.

I’ve been playing Accent Core for the past few months, and I don’t see why we should be playing on a version that’s older once AC comes out in the next month. 3 months is more than enough for getting adjusted to changes, and have a few tournaments on the new version for competition.

I plan on attending Evo West and Finals, and I voted for Accent Core because it’s the newest installment. I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, but I will be switching completely once it is released for PS2.