Acceptable Button Configs For Tournament Play

From my understanding In a console tournament setting, any button macros (PPP or LP+LK) are acceptable when using a Pad. Do the same rules apply for Arcade stick Configs?

Edit: This question is with all fighters in mind


**If its a true ARCADE tourney like some in Japan, then you get the standard 6 button layout on a cabinet.

If its a console tourney, then the PPP and KKK macros are almost always allowed. A simpler way to put it would be: If its there in the button config screen in the game, its generally allowed.**

Hell, just a few weeks ago Perfect Legend was going to borrow my stick (TE w 6 button arcade layout), saw it was 6 button, and declined, preferring to wait for an 8 button TE stick to be available. He said he depended on the macros, and no one objected.

((It was eithet Perfect Legend or one other dude, but I think it was him. If I am remembering the player wrong, my bad.))

They allowed the button shortcuts in all the SF IV tournaments I’ve ever been to so far. I’ve actually never seen anyone use the LP+MP+HP and LK+MK+HK shortcuts before. If anything, people will usually disable those so that they don’t press 'em by accident. Either that or people will have plugs on the end buttons anyway.

I do remember one guy at a tournament who always set LP+LK as a shortcut on his TE and nobody said anything. What a weirdo.

The only thing you probably can’t do is use turbo features. I sometimes see that in tournament rules but I always assume that rule is in effect no matter what.

Yes, turbo is absolutely not allowed at any legit US tournament. That is why its so damn ironic that the officially licensed Capcom/MC “tournament edition” stick even has turbo in the first place. :rofl:

No joke, Seth has been banned at some tourneys in France…so I have no idea what whack-ass rules they may have over there.

Using say PPPmacro for charging a TAP with boxer sounds fun.

Currently I use a six button config but contemplating change. If I find something usefull to ME and its legal then why not right.

In general, sure … do whatever works for you. But, it’s also worth asking yourself “Why can’t I do this with the normal 6 buttons” since that’s the input the game was truly designed around. You may uncover (and fix!) problems with your execution, instead of just working around it. And in the long run that’s better for you.

Last year at Evo I left 3P/3K on and I messed up on some of my executions…then again I was using Flowchart tactics.
Now I just turn them off when I get the chance.

charging a TAP with a PPPmacro uses only one finger instead of atleast three. Obviously this frees up digits for pressing buttons while charging and makes things much more comfortable 4 me.

if you charge tap right you can still use normal punches fyi

^All the more reason to use it for me sir.

alright I thank you for the answers gentlemen:china:

Edit : I have just switched from a long career of casual play on 6b sticks to the 8b with 2bs disabled. Just wanted to make sure it was legal the other issues are understood.

not really

if you press all the kicks with the middle knuckles of your fingers you are charging tap and can still use your fingertips to press punch buttons, no ppp/kkk needed

My personal view is this:

Learning a standard six button arcade layout means you can basically play on 99% of the sticks out there. Its like how if you know how to drive stick…you can drive damn near anything.

If you learn on a setup that deviates from the “norm”, its fine as long as you can always play on YOUR setup. As soon as you need to play on a setup that is different (arcade, 6 button stick, etc…) then you are in for some difficulties.

But really, this is just personal preference.