Accepting Nominations for SRK Match of the Year, Commentator, Player, and more!


Whats up SRK? This is Allan “Don’t Tase Me Bro!” Caesar, and I noticed that there was no Match of the Year thing like we did last year for SRK.

Example: Shoryuken - Match of the Year 2009 Results!

With the permission of the SRK community, and as a token of my Thanks to Mr. Wizard allowing my sentence of my Temp Ban to be lifted on Christmas Night instead of May. I would like to run a great contest for SRK.

Instead of just Match of the Year. I think we should do multiple categories. And if no one has a problem with this. Then here’s my ideas, and if your cool with it, give me your Nominations. Ill tally the votes up too, and ill limit it down to probably Six choices for each category.

I’d be happy to run the contest too if no one on SRK minded me doing it.

Here’s my ideas… tell me what you think.

Nominees for

**Match of the Year

Breakout Player of the Year**
Player of the Year **(This one would be seperated for more then just Super Street Fighter IV, such as Super Turbo HD Remix, Marvel vs Capcom 2, TvsC, BlazBlue CT and CS, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, Melty Blood, UMK3, and other games You can thnk of.

Upset of the Year (Like Justin Wong being eliminated by Gamerbee, Daigo Umehara losing to Marn, Sanford losing to Inthul aka Padlong)

Tournament of the Year (Such as Socal and Evo)

Grand Finals of the Year ** (Such as Daigo Umehara vs Filipino Champ at Socal Regionals 2010)
Commentator of the Year
(Chris Hu, Yipes, Ski Sonic, James Chen, and i guess Seth Killian because hes cool)

Salty Player of the Year (Scumbag when he lost to Juicebox Abel, Dustin when he rage quit on Buktooth)

Quote of the Year

Godlike Moment of the Year (Such as Tokido posing as Akuma, JSMasters beating the shit out of Justin Wong in the Canada Cup)
Most RANDOM moment of the Year** (Such as Justin Wong picking Makoto to throw off Gamerbee’s Adon to put him Losers in… crap… i do not remember which tournament that was. >.<)

**Most Underrated Player of the Year

Most Overrated Player of the Year** (Example: DarksydePhil)

I also would be willing to go out of my way and take nominations for

The best person to play as that Character in Super Street Fighter IV

for example

Daigo Umehara - Ryu
Vangief - Zangief
Tokido - Akuma
Gamerbee - Adon
Flash Metroid or Wolfkrone - C. Viper
Justin Wong - Rufus
Violent VRyu - Makoto

MORE IDEAS COMING, But I want to know if you guys are down with this?


god don’t bring this lame shit back




yeah, I mean, we all know I’d win commentator of the year because of South Florida Challenge’s Soccer Commentary.


I nominate myself for best War Gods player of the year, ALL YEARS.


I know there’s a few of you that may not want to. But I know there’s probably some that do.


your videos fucking suck and i hate you


my thoughts exactly


Pherai…dude. You’ve been absolutely hateful recently.

I like it. :cool:


Can’t believe no one’s said it yet.

Commentator of the Year: Adam Sessler

We’re all tied up now.


Without trolling, can you guys explain to me nicely why you do not want any contest? Just wondering.

No need for the hate… plus im not allowed to troll anyone because i made a promise to the Wiz.


lol, you’re allowed to troll. Good shit man.

Don’t these threads turn into pointless bickering and theory fighter eventually though?


its impossible to choose just 1 match to be the match of the year for something (any category)
You should have learned your lesson from the ban and stopped making useless threads…

I’m not trolling… but I guess that if you feel I am, thats all I gotta know about how this “contest” ends if it happens


match of the year: petshop versus petshop

Commentator: CVS2 in-game announcer

player: Darksydephil

Tournament of the year: AM7

godlike moment of the year: some nigga stole kuma’s chair

most ramndom moment of the year: the spelling in umineko ougon musou kyoku

the best person to play is in sf4: training dummy


because its fucking stupid.


As do I, keep it up Pherai.

Also what Stu said.