Access to old avatars

I had been using the same avatar for the past 9 or 10 years. Consequently, I no longer have the original file. If a copy of the previous site still exists, would it be possible for someone to upload the “avatars” directory so that those who wish to get their old avatar can jump in and retrieve it? I used Google’s cache to find the link to mine, and from the looks of it, finding one’s file should not be too difficult…

I think you’re probably out of luck. There was a notice posted at the top of the page for weeks to save your avatar if you still want it.

I don’t think he’s getting it either. Someone who has a backup copy of the site could hook him up pretty easily.

You can try using the Wayback Machine.

Thanks MrWizard. I was actually sad at the thought of never seeing it again. This brightened up my day!