Accessing programs on another windows user while on another

Basically I’m wondering if a remote desktop program of some sort could allow me to access another user on the same computer while on another using doing other things.

If this doesn’t make sense i can clarify

User 1 = aim + msn + w/e
User 2 = WoW

User 1 wants to be able to control user 2 without user 2 actually being directly open.

use remote desktop windows 7.

Cant do it, get a netbook, or run virtual systems, vmware, also, anything that might allow this type of access will mess with the wow player badly.

use wifi on your phone ? (iphone/android)
technically it is possible, but not simple.

:confused:… Not sure what you’re trying to do… but if you’re signed under admin you can access anything that’s on other user accounts…

Computer->C:-> Users

Well that’s how I’d do it on Vista unless you are talking about something else…

the idea that’s under discussion is, one PC, one windows 7 OS running, and multiple user accounts running at the same time accessing multiple applications at the same time.

Basic windows 7 is not able to do what he wants especially with one of the users running world of warcraft which is a real resource hog.
-unless theres a secret tool that allows for multiple mouse/keyboard inputs at the same time and a secondary monitor and running wow in “windowed” mode.

again, no simple solution

I don’t know the first damned thing about Wow but what you are describing sounds like virtual desktops. This is a different concept than having multiple users. It sounds like you the ideal scenario would be to have WoW running windowed on a secondary monitor.

Virtual desktop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

resource hog… i can run 5 wows and not be over 1/2 my resources, that isnt the problem.

No secret tool… it would be a bot if that was the case.

I am not looking to spend money on a netbook as I do not have wireless signal, i’d also need to buy a wireless router.

Could i use REALVNC on one user and access that user with the other? As a simple solution?

Virtual desktops do not work as they lose the “active window” so my g15 cannot send keystrokes to it… so i’d need to open the programs from the access i would get with another user.

Edit: tried VNC but it wont accept connection from my same comp with another user as the host for some reason it keeps resetting the connection, so i would need VMWARE/Virtual Box or something maybe?

I do have windows home professional so i cannot use the remote desktop option.