Accidental DS xx SA1

Last night I was practicing with Sean in training mode, and at one point during my session I did something that I thought could come in handy…

I quickly dashed twice at my opponent hit him with a LP Dragon Smash, and then quickly canceled into Sean’s SA1… The problem was after I did it no matter how hard I tried I could not bring myself to pull it off again. So my question to all you fellow Sean users is have any others attempted this little combo out? If so some advice on pulling this off would be greatly appreciated

you can cancel seans DS into sa1 and sa2 :sweat::sweat:

Um yeah. It’s really quite easy. Just finish the DP movement with a QCF on the end, do another quick QCF and press punch.

you should become my young apprentice

haha oh I see… I apologize for the stupid question then :sweat:

Still relatively new to third strike, so I guess I should apologize in advance for the probable occurrence of more stupid questions in the future :rolleyes:

Many thanks marble for that extra bit of info on performing the move… hopefully I can actually pull it off again. Oh and Bolder gotta say love your Sean playing, was definitely an inspiration in choosing Sean as my first character

Hey no problem. :slight_smile:

Wow, truly inspiring, lol.

if you wanna make sure that hits, it’s good to do a standing mp or hp before it. Also, crouching mk works the exact same way

Bodler, let me find out you teaching ppl now, lol.

Thank you for the information SeanMiyagi :smiley:

Wake up dragon smash xx SA1 is awesome. I wouldn’t really recommend dash up dragon smash like it says in the first post though.

Just be careful with the wakeup dragon smash idea. I do it, but rarely, as I see blocking as a better option. For starters, it definitely needs to be ex version for it to blow past a lot of moves. Also, it has almost NO horizontal range at all, so they need to be pretty darn close in ur face.

Aikou: No problem dude, lol.

Well of course, but it’s a great thing to have in your arsenal.

seems to be the way without A lot of Sean’s moves I’m learning… but in those moments where they can be used they can come quite handy for the situation

Yea, I hear both of you two guys…All I can say is be careful. If ppl see it coming, it’s bad for him, just like any other person with an AA DP.