Accidental Launcher

Most of the time when I try a combo with a medium or light attack that has HP or HK in it, the launcher comes out instead of whatever is supposed to. Ogre’s trial 13 is a good example of this. How do I avoid this? I feel like I’m not alone in this.

If you chain an LMH series, then tap another H you get a launcher automatically.

It will happen if I do>s.HP then try and do a special after

I have the exact same problem. The Ogre trial I got stuck on was jumping m.p into into “infinite kick” which starts by pressing towards and hitting I get a launcher every single time. I mentioned this in a streams chat last night and a guy there said I had to link/time every kick of it to make sure the special comes out rather than the launcher. I haven’t had time to test this. It’s really quite stupid as doing the move regularly doesn’t require any strict timing at all.

That’s exactly what I’m saying

That’s wrong.

You get the Launcher because you are chaining crouching LK into close HK (then pressing HK again, which gives a launcher). You have to link the crouching LK into the Forward+HK. The first hit of Infinite Kick Combo looks exactly the same as the close HK.

So, Link instead of Chain. It works 100% of the time (I just tested it).

Because you’re chaining those moves and not linking them. The universal chain not only isn’t special cancellable, but also make it so that you get a launcher after pressing heavy again.

they are EX special and super cancellable though. Still, links are better. I only use the universal chain at the end of a strong link to tack on more damage or combo into a super.

The trick to the ogre combo is to be patient going into the infinite kicks, just wait to hit it until after you would think you have too.

I’ve realized that it’s a chain not a link, but just knowing that doesn’t help. How can I link it instead of chaining?

Seems like some chains into EX may be better than their link counterparts. Like poke buffering mk after lk with king do go to ex-konvict kicks for follow ups maybe?

@ DiscountKing; need to delay for most links so the previous move fully finishes; so for example Guile c.lp, xx flash kick you hit them with c.lp and after recovery frames for c.lp you are at an advantage that lets you link the xx flash kick .chaining bypasses recovery of first move but makes it so only ex specials and super can be canceled into

Chains are typically worse than Links. Chains are not normal-special cancelable, they have extra damage scaling, they leave the opponent with more “red” recoverable life, and they reduce the advantage on hit (or block) by 7-to-10 frames.

Delay the Forward+HK. So instead of going (cr.LK, F+HK, HK) really quickly, do (cr.LK, pause, F+HK, HK, HK, HK, HK). Links are harder to do than chains, but I promise you that it does work.

I’m not a fan of the autochains in this game. It makes learning links so much more frustrating

Hit the next kick after you see the 6+HK hit

Yes, that is why I said…some…chains could be better than links in situations, then I provided an example of how a chain buffered poke could lead to big damage where a link would not work.

Chaining into King’s MK leaves you at 8-ish frames of disadvantage on block, which means that you would HAVE to cancel into the EX Konvict Kick just to be safe.

lol, yes…that is EXACTLY what I am saying. if you:
a) have meter
b) OS lk poke with buffered mk chain and you catch a limb you:
c) cancel into EXkonvict kick into whatever for big damage

Not as a block string, as an OS poke into damage that wouldn’t work as a link.

Not really. Playing Balrog in SF4 you had to not mash on jab or else you’d chain rather than link and hence not do his BnB and thus lose out on a lot of damage.

So, I went home and tried linking and was able to pull off trial 13 for Ogre (the one I described and the OP stated) in 4 tries. TY all that commented.