Accidentally picking random character

Any other Rogs have this issue sometimes? It happens to me occasionally, but wow does it tick me off. It’s always a few wins into a championship too, and it makes me feel like messaging the person to let them know that I’m not a scrub. :frowning:

select boxer instead, problem solved.

It has happened to me before as well but it’s whatever really.

Wait…how can you pick random by “accident”?

If I join a match and I’m too eager to start I’ll be scrolling down and hit A. Occasionally I will mess up the scroll down or something, short story shorter I hit A on the question mark and don’t get the option to back out. I can’t be the only one that this has happened to.

Then stop doing that.
Land on Balrog, let go of the dpad…and press A.

I’d be worried if you aren’t the only one that does this.

Meh, happened to me once.

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But I don’t really know how you can do this.

Never had this issue. Take your time when picking a character. Relax your mind…

and get that bike money.

its happened to me a few times, even when im not gonna pick balrog, as im scrolling down i accidentally hit the button with my left hand since the buttons are too close to the stick :sweat:

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what exactly don’t you understand about accident?

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The part about flailing the stick around like a retard and mashing buttons as opposed to making sure you have actually highlighted your character then selecting, I guess.

Why do so many people say that…



Just host the game, up, left. Enjoy never miss selecting again.

Yeah its happend to me multiple times. For those of you asking how…i’m usually on 2nd player side and to pick Rog I hit down three times then select. Sometimes I hit down only two times by mistake which is were random is. Thats it…

I accidently picked Vega once(usually on the 1p side). I DC’ed and sent a message. It wouldn’t have been fun for either of us.

LMAO, this happens to me alot actually, well maybe once or twice a month.
Funny how i still nearly win when i main only rog.
They should move that random to its own column, its too easy to hit by mistake and u cant press B to get out of it unlike when you hit a wrong character.

why is this even a thread
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