Alright, here is the situation.

Lightning Storm and I will be staying at the hotel on campus. In an attempt to defray our costs, we are seeking others that would like to throw in on the room for the nights of the 7th through the 10th.

Any takers?

is this for people you know only or any one willing to pay cause if it’s for any one willing to pay i would like to throw in some cash and do this if you dont mind:)

I’d be down. Do you know when you guys are arriving?

We’ll be in town probably be in town midday on the 7th at the latest.

And if we can establish some ground rules, I’m cool with just about anyone because I know that nobody in their right mind or otherwise is gonna try and jack me. Plus, we are all coming together for the same reason.

Only things that I can think of right now is that money would have to be upfront and sorry, but the only people with keys to the room are those whose name are on it.

LS can add anything I may have neglected or wants to say.

all right cool, i dont have a problem with paying up front just a few questions though… much do i have to pay?
2.were do we meet?
3.what game do you guy’s play?
4.what game’s are you guy’s entering in at EVO?

i cant think of anymore but if i do ill make sure to ask:)


BAM! Yep… cost reduction is a must! And we’re cool wit just about anybody.

Another ground rule…



  1. We’ll have to discuss this. As well it will likely depend on how many people we get.
  2. Good question. Depending on when we get there, when you get there, etc… we may meet at the hotel, at Evo, or even at the airport if we happen to arrive around the same time.
  3. Seriously we only play MvC2… BUT! we will play ANY game for the fuck of it.
  4. MvC2 only.

Don’t worry, guys. I smell like a rose.

And I’m down for some MvC2. Will you be bringing a DC and sticks?

here are a few more question’s and comment’s…

1.can give me a estimate of how much im going to have to pay for my share of the room at least?
2.oh i dont stink so dont worry about that:) entering for MvC2 also:) and ST SF3:TS maybe CvS2.
4.i will be bringing my DC and my MAS stick unless you guy’s are all ready planing to bring your DC’s.
5.up to how many people are you planing to get to pitch in on this thing?
6.and were are you guy’s from?, if you dont mind me asking:)

since i dont know any body down there im really counting on you guy’s to come through with this, even though were all stranger’s to each other"we are all coming together for the same reason"so i hope this all work’s out and we have a great time at EVO thank’s again:)

Cool, cool. Again, the amount of money put out by each individual will be dependent on the amount of people who stay with us. Me personally I would say no more than $20 per night per individual. Obviously the more people we get, the cheaper it is.

We won’t be bringing anything except maybe an Xbox and HALO.

We’ll definitely be there and just some background I guess.

Me- Real name is Chaz, live in Overland Park, KS 25 years old.

LS- Adrian , same pretty much, 25 as well.

Yep Yep.

FYI… Overland Park, KS is a suburb of Kansas City.

Sounds good to me. How soon would ya’ll need a conformation and the cash?

Confirmation upfront.

Cash in person for every night you plan to stay. That way, if you spend all your money on something you know that you have a place to stay!

Have you made reservations yet? If you haven’t, you should check out this thread I saw on TZ. This looks like something you should look into. And it’d probably be a good idea to act fast before the Tekken heads take up all the rooms.

Heh, don’t worry. We will be getitng the room reserved today. Plus we are getting a room at the hotel ON campus so that there is no need for transportation to the tournament.

Basically if we get 10 people, accommodations will be $12 per night.

Some things that might seem obvious, but you never know when you are planning a major trip:

  1. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow.

  2. Bring deodorant and shampoo.

  3. Clean clothes.

ok i just saw this … sorry adrian and chaz if i am a little late to respond but i am planning to go whether i am in denver by then or not. but i am deffinetly intrested in going with you 2 becaues well , i know you guys so … no problem. :smiley:

but anyway , i m sure you ll respond if i am too late or not . have you already ordered the room? and if so … am i ? and also have you bought the plane tickets (im sure your not driving). so is this arrangable? if i am in denver i will meet you there then i assume? and if i am not then i will attempyt to atleast get on the same plane as you. i can give you the money either by check or money transfer on friday or if you want it in person i can give it the next time im down in kc.

edit: of yeah, and about this “coach” rubbish/deal they have going on … i need one because i plan to bring a camcorder and will record who evers match i can/will be able to. adrian, chaz? eiother of you up for the duty?

Hey guys, me and my friend from MD gonna be comin for MVC2. I should know by this weekend if we need to stay with you guys(we have a maybe on someone we know), but if not, we’d be more than happy to stay with you guys :smiley: .

Question: We’ll be flying out there. What airport are you guys arriving at? Who’d gonna be drivin us to the hotel/EVO or is it near the airport or are we gonna be grabbin cabs or whatnot?

The hotel is the one right on campus, so there will be no need to drive to the campus. I’m not sure because LS is handling the tickets, but I would assume LAX.

Blitz, WTC are you talking about?


Yes, reservations for the hotel on campus are reserved. This hotel has the exact same address of Evo.

Also, we will be arriving at LAX approximately 1pm California time.


What up guys, My friend and I (shortterm) are looking for some room mates for that weekend. we play MvC2 CvSnK2 tekken and alot of others stuff… if any of you guys interested lets us know whats up ^

ok… sorry
here ill reexplain it and attempt to make sense.

“We will be getitng the room reserved today”. <— this leads me to believe that you already have everyones money that is going to stay with you… correct?

#1. i didnt know if you guys were going to pay for the room your selves; then have who ever ends up staying with you reimberse you for their portion when and if, they actually do or do not stay.
OR, #2. if you were collecting the money before hand then buying the tickets. so that way it is all set in stone with who is going.

scenario #2 is what i assumed when i made that post, so i was wondereing if it was too late to plan on staying with you guys.

now i realize that you are going with scenario #1 and look, really … dumb … :smiley:

so … basically to rephrase that post and say it corectly:

hey yo, i wanna go too. ill give you the money now if you want it. peace out.

and i am going reguardless where i am living.