Accomplishing my Goal



This may not mean anything outside XBL, but it means alot to what I want to prove.


You’re right it doesn’t mean a lot in terms of gauging a player overall standing within the community as a whole for many factor (most of which I’m sure you’re aware of). However obvious issues with using this as any kind of proof of ability to the wider world aside, I think that if its something you set out to achieve and have therefore done so that in itself is commendable.

And although it does little to place anyone within the offline scene in terms of skill, standing or success under pressure (let alone does little prove constancy without having an equally high PP… Over 5000pp for example given the BP score) it does show you understand both your character and her match ups and can clearly use her to a good skill level at the very least.

Well I read that back it is seems very negative that was not my intention I think its great you got to the top I know I would never do it (too much hassle and time investment required in ranked where you learn to create a ‘one off’ game gameplan mentality that I don’t find would be useful to me, and I probably would take a while to get there based on my own opinion of my current skill level). Much Props and gratz… Honestly its a great achievement and obviously a great psychological boost for yourself moving forward with your game and Chun…

Again… Props


I wonder if my Chun is still first on the PC. Lol, I wish I still play. Btw, Brolyleg the way you play is Inspiring…