According to Yahoo, aging consoles and too many sequels are the cause of this years gaming decline


According to a Yahoo article posted last week, that, as well as the fact that the big 3 (EA, THQ, and UBI) have put out less games than usual by this time of year.

No. It’s called a lack of games I want to play.

And even then, I have regretted all but 2 new games purchased this year.

KoA Reckoning - Loved it.
Mass Effect 3 - Nothing needs said here.
SF X T - This is SRK. You know whas up.
Dragon’s Dogma - Underwhelming Skyrim wannabe
Prototype 2 - Loved it.


waiting for ZOE HDC and Rising :coffee:


Kingdoms of Amalur is criminally underrated and possibly the best release so far this year.


Fuck games. I have more fun playing random snes adventure games than i do with any games this generation. I am not even being a 16 year old “OG” wannabe. I actually have more fun playing old 2d overhead/sidescrolling games with less than 1/8 of the budget of games today made before i was born than any game released since 2006.

Currently trying to finish Secret of Mana one so i can finally move on to 2 btw. Muiltiplayer rpgs are boss


I play Punch Out and Castlevania 1 more on my Phone sitting on the bus to work than I do any of my ps3 games.
why? Cause this gen sucks and 90% of the games lack any real replay value outside of online multiplayer. Multiplayer that really isn’t needed. Which is the norm now which is also why gaming sucks. People think online = replay value. When really its a simple as making a good game that has lastability.


I’ve put up my XBox 360 and brought out my PS2.

Currently rocking that Guilty Gear Accent Core.


fighting games are different imo after like the first few hours i NEED to play against someone else that cpu **** is BORING… imo


There’s a decline? News to me, my collection isn’t seeming to get any smaller :/. Then again it’s mostly smaller companies picking up the slack there.


fuck console games they have ruined the gaming industry by pandering to the lowest common denominator of idiots and scrubs dumbing down everything



I agree with this.

but not this.


Atari needs their monopoly back. Those were the glory days.


Same here. I’ve been playing older games out there because hardly any new games that came out interest me. I like FPS games, but so many of them seem like CoD emulators that I have no reason to play them. I think the only new game I’ve bought this year so far is FFXIII-2, and even that isn’t so great (I like the gameplay, but the story is literally laughable).


People give shit what yahoo thinks? I am stunned.


I only pay fighting games :frowning:
Anarchy Reigns looks like mindless fun though. :slight_smile: