Account Recovery?

O.K. here it is, I canceled my Setoshin account a few mos. ago BUT now I want that name back - can it be done?

I don’t think so. You’ll probably have to create a new account with a new name.

Can you change your gamertag?

From what I know…it’s not allowed unless you give them a good reason for it on the phone. It was how I changed mine. I told them that it was my Dad’s account and he was giving it over to me and I needed a new name for it.

Thanks. I’ll tell them something similar.

if you cancel a XBL account with M$, after two months it is permanently erased from their databases, but you won’t be able to ever use that GT again. Trust me, I’ve cancelled/started more XBL accounts than I can count, you’re just gonna have to make up a new one.

Yeah I learned that hard way that I just missed my 30 day window (I was monthly after my year was up)