Ace Attorney 5 incoming

And the first 3 games are coming to Android in HD.

Can’t wait for this game. :slight_smile: It’ll probably be another game with Apollo Justice. I’m guessing AA5 will be released for the 3DS. The finger-pointing will be glorious.

Hopefully it comes out over here.

I personally don’t mind if Apollo’d be the main character; just don’t have Phoenix in it nor have him overshadowed.
Otherwise…I wouldn’t mind getting the first 3 games in HD if they manage to put them on PSN or XBL ^_^;
Oh and you guys should look for The Art of Gyakuten Saiban, as it features official artwork of the series, including frame by frame of some of the animations in the early games.


What about that Chrono Trigger… damnitt!!

some of the animations in the early games,is very good.