Acen 2007 Challenge!


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Beware…a mod might take this the wrong way…as SPAM…and ban you…just warning yah…

This guy is immune, spam doesn’t even come close to discribing his post history…

You know, I actually do get quite a lot of challenges from people who say they come from Dispite all the ridiculously unneccessary hate, I thrash quite a number of you guys members. That’s why whenever it’s time for the FINAL BOSS IN THE GAME OF LIFE to challenge the entire world in something, you guys get to hear about it too.

God can we seriously just ban this guy, he’s not even funny.

I mean it’s downright sad that this guy calls himself the final boss in the game of life, makes me wonder which game he’s fucking playing.

You really make DoA4 players look bad. You make the fucking human race look bad. Damn.

chicago crew might host a slash tourney at acen, actually. elvenshadow wanted to do it a while back.

i’m not gonna be in town that weekend anyway though.

heading back to champaign to attend my graduation ceremony at university of illinois (since my school didn’t have one in the winter).


Does anybody actually play DOA4? Like…seriously?


sighs All the same. . . you fools would be no match for my awesome might. A might so awesome that even the smartest of scientist or the most ingenious of college students could ever recreate it!

I seem to remember watching a video of this douchebag getting beaten down in T5. rofl @ him.

i demand you let this man bleed money

Didnt u lose at Evo… granted there were like 5 ppl for DOA 4. And u got like what 5th right?


LMAO “Focus Factor”

hahahahahahahaha good shit good shit
put down you wii/360 and pick up a dictionary
and take your “godlike” power of “Pw||1NG KNEWBZORZ!!!1!S” to a spelling bee

:rofl: :rofl: Can i get some lotion?:rofl: :rofl:

Smell that? That’s SRK taking a shit on you.

Justownin…do u even play sf tho…or any 2d fighters?

MM for Tekken 5: DR at Evo. First to ten $50, “focus factor” banned.

EVOLUTION 2006 DoA4 Results

1st Perfect Legend
2nd Master
3rd Highguy
4th KING
5th Rikuto
5th Black Mamba
7th Tom Brady

Number of Players: approx. 64 maybe more

Number of Vultures from other game communities playing to try and win easy money: approx. 40

BTW, Justownin was losing the first match against perfect legend pretty horribly until some deucshbag turn on his wireless and paused the game forcing them to play again. PL still owned him.

But to be fair JO did beat Perfect Legend ONLINE where he truely excels. Hurrah for online qualifiers for big money tournaments like WCG and CGI.