Acess to pc and 360 /w my arcade. What games to play?


Hey my joystick is compatible with 360 and pc. I have my pc hooked up fine with my flat screen. I have been running cps2/neo geo for about a week.

I’ve been playing mvc and marvel vs sf. I’ve tried sf3 3rd strike and I really do not like it.

Does anyone reccomend games to play with the joystick? Im not too crazy about the king of fighters but it is very good. I mostly enjoy the fast paced arcade games. Anyone have any suggestions?


Check out GGPO and 2df.

A bunch a games on there that you can mess with, and you can even play online.


play super street fighter 2 turbo, is the only thing you need, or King of fighter 98.


I second this


I cannot get a copy of ssf2t for cps2 to work with nebula and kawaks emulators. I have downloaded a bunch of copys and not one will recognize and boot. I have this problem with allot of games for cps2, cps1, and neo geo. Only about 30% work out of 300 zip files.





some dude already told you to get GGPO and 2DF…


Pretty much play everything that is on 2dfighter and ggpo.
I dont like 3rd strike too, in fact I play only sword fighting games (Samurai Shodown series and sometimes Last Blade 2) so I would recommend those