ACFAC: Alternate Costumes Fan Art Challenge Thread

The last SRK Community art challenge was a success. Some really amazing work in that thread.

With the new Super SFIV mentioning new Alternate Costumes for each character, you know you’ve got ideas for new Alternates in your head. Let’s see them!

Alternate Costumes Fan Art Challenge

No specific guidelines just post your ideas and art for alternate costumes of whatever characters you want. Try to be as creative as you can though. Challenge yourself to think of costumes that make sense or contrast with who the character is.

As an added bonus, if people from the PC Mega-Skin thread get inspired by your art, they may modify the character skin and make your art into a real alternate costume.

Let’s make this a good one!

Pretty cool, I’ll sketch an idea or two that I’ve had.

And btw, I thought the Viper skin tight suit would have made perfect sense and been hot.

Sweet, I’ll be in this!

i may post something…

I know, This should be fun! Rook said when he sees this he’ll sticky it. So its official. Ill start some rough sketches first, tonight.

here’s a blanka, anything has to be better than the explorer outfit in my book

Well this sounds like fun, I’ll see if I can come up with anything myself.

Ha I always loved it when Native Americans / Eskimos wore the animal furs like that. Very badass.

This should be a fun challenge, I’ll try and come up with something.

couple more and why the fuck am i the only one posting pictures?

Well during the fall and winter the art forum does get slower. In the summer theres more time for people to really go at it. I have a few that I need to ink.

That or maybe think by alternate costumes fan art challenge, they mean skin mod challenge? Dunno

i am almost finished with one of my alts. this takes a bit more creativity than i am used to using at the moment. probably later tonight.

well here is an alt for cammy, sorry for the crappy coloring/drawing.

pretty sweet. bit of a lara croft vibe goin’ on.

yeah lol, i think the look fits.

totally,plus both english.

wrong kanji symbol not on purpose


rufus mankini

proto seth

in colour

double post because too many big pictures

Wh-- that Rufus alt… so… wrong! :wasted:

Oh mah gah Mr List those are awesome.

And I have my scanner working so I’ll try to add some. Hope you arent sick of shotos yet :wink: