ACFAC: Alternate Costumes Fan Art Challenge Thread

One order of shoto, comin’ up.

Here’s a casual Ryu I did on down time at work.

Anyone’s welcome to color it! Got a higher res version.

Oh snap! I was just drawing Ryu in a hoodie/jacket set up the other day. Great work.

Do you sketch them, ink, then scan? Or after you scan do you re-trace the lines darker in a paint program?

There’s a few appraoches I take, but here I drew most of the lines in ball point pen, then a few touches of a heavier ink pen, scan into photoshop and adjust curves to enhance whites but keep all the sketchiness I love.

All my secrets are out! :xeye:

Good stuff so far, guys, keep 'em coming.

Victorian Cammy:

Lightning god Cocijo T. Hawk:

Hahah T. Hawk alt so good. And with Capcom’s trend of the guy’s alts being more ‘skin’ directed(see: Fei Long, Ryu, ect) this version you’ve made seems feasable.

Ken Masters of the Universe vs. Beast Man Blanka

Very creative.

Bwaaaahahahah so good.

That He-man Ken/Beastman Blanka looks almost like it’s from a comic book.

Good stuff, y’all.


Very Top tier(lol)!!! I was thinking about sketching a ryu with the traveling close from that SF generations movie lol

Rufus Teutul

and a sprite :wink:

quickie akuma alt:


Samurai Akuma?! Fuuuuh–

that is like lubu and akuma combined! god tier!

I’ve got lots of idea for Chun Li but they’re most likely NSFW :slight_smile:

I’ve got one for guile I’ll post up tomorrow