Achievement bugs on PC?


It seems like I’ve completed some achievements that didn’t register.

Such as :
Long Time No See
… complete Arcade Mode on Hardest difficulty and beat Gouken!

I’ve done this a couple of times already.

Also, what the hell does this mean:

Good old times
… Defeat your Street Fighter IV self on the Hardest difficulty!


The “problem” I’m having with the achievements is that, in SSF4-AE GFWL, I had the “All Clear” (use all chars in Arcade Mode) and “Rival Schooled” (Play again with those 6 Chars who have alternate Rivals)… But now, since the transition to Steam, they simply disappeared and even though I made ALL Chars again (Still in AE), they don’t seem to register. Does anyone have a solution for this?
Thanks in advance.

This has to do with Edition Select.
Go to “Versus Mode” and choose Player Vs. CPU, and then the hardest.
You as PLAYER, for example, pick Ryu and be sure that he is in the ULTRA SF4 version.
Then you will choose for the CPU, you have to pick ALSO Ryu, but in Edition Select, you have to change his version to SF4 (Vanilla).
And that’s it. All ou have to do is defeat the Vanilla Ryu with your Ultra Ryu.

Well… I think It was clear, wasn’t it ? :smiley:


Thanks I completed that one.

However the New Threads seems to be bugged too, I’ve never got it unlocked even though it should technically work with anything I put up considering that all the icons and titles got reset when everything switched to steam.