Achieving the right joystick feel?

I’ve been using happ competition sticks in my machines for awhile now, but they feel different in one machine than another (both machines are wood control panel).

Specifically the same joystick put in one machine will feel just right for me (no resistance), but in the other machine will feel tight (A little harder to do moves).

Any idea on how to get a joystick to have a looser feel?


Change the spring.

Exactly it is all about the spring-strength used in the stick. One of these days i might change the spring on my Happ competition to a lower-grade with less resistance.

Compressing the spring will cause it to offer less resistance. A vice works beautifully.

I know it is preference, but how can you play on wobbly ass sticks with “less” resistance? I swap all my comp sticks’ springs for heavy duty springs. Once you break those in, they are amazing.

I’ve played on a stick that had no spring at all before. It had a cool “mushy” feeling to it. I think it just depends on how you hold the stick. When I used to play with a GI Joe kung-fu grip I liked sticks that didn’t offer much resistance since I was always holding them anyway. Now that I don’t grip it at all I prefer sticks with a lot of resistance, like Fantas.

I can play on anything from Sanwa JLFs (my favorite) to Happ Competitions with hard springs. The worst are the Fanta sticks where the rubber is so worn down that it has zero resistance. My Saulabi eventually got like this so I sold it (I did not know you could mod sticks back then).

I had purchased a couple of Chinese JLW knockoffs from Ebay some time ago. They were essentially trash but, they did come with a harder spring that fit nicely into my real JLW. It also help offset the weight of the large 45mm bubble ball I use.

This brings me to my point, if one wanted to have less resistance with a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick they could try replacing the 35mm ball top for a 45mm one.
I would also imagine that using a 30mm ball top would make a stick feel a bit more resistant but, I don’t know how anyone could play with such a small ball top.

Also, for the novelty of it, I tried putting a 45mm ball on Seimitsu’s LS-33 (which has a very soft spring). The stick could barely hold the ball in the neutral position and it took almost no effort to move. This might be a good combination for you weirdos who like zero resistance but don’t want to be ostracized from the gaming community for having removed their spring entirely.

Sorry this information has nothing to do with happ controls.

The Neo Geo stick comes with a 30mm balltop and lots of people have used it without complaints. I myself prefer 30mm over 35mm and don’t have particularly small hands.