ACHTUNG! The Ryu Matchups Section for ST is empty


Seiouslly, this is a joke. With all the Daigo a/o valle/choi hype and all these years and it’s still e empty? Come on! We need to remedy this, shotos have been popular characters since WW. With that in mind please, please, if you have a wiki account, get something in there fast. A good foundation in ST is a good foundation in any other sf game, and without good matchup info, there is no good foundation. I also strongly suggest that someone in the ST Ryu section post up that info in the wiki.


you look for matchup information on SRK’s wiki?? :confused:


You say this as if the new generation of fighting game players actually want to play something besides SF4.




Once my team’s game comes out, gamers won’t even care about SF4 anymore. FACT.


Only because SSFIV will be out by them.


that made me laugh


Ok…so why don’t you get good and post your own strategies? Take a look at the recent changes in the last two weeks. It’s pretty much only me editing the ST wiki. And these aren’t small edits either, I’ve put massive articles, combo lists, and match advice in certain sections. By the end of the year the Dictator and T.Hawk sections of the ST Wiki will be 100% written by me. I’ve taken the time to learn those characters as much as possible. I play on GGPO constantly to keep my game refreshed. And I contribute to the wiki as often as I can. I have a full time job and I do volunteer work. Yet I still find time to play GGPO and write in the wiki.

I don’t start threads whining.

This is a community. You are a member. Quit whining and practice, get good, then contribute. If there isn’t a good section of the wiki for ‘x character’ then make one yourself. Get that on the front page of SRK even, and you’ll get some attention an possibly more people to help or even take over. If you build it they will come.

How did I learn ST Dictator and T.Hawk without the wiki? I played for hours, every week, over the last three years. I studied match videos. I read sections of the ST/HDR forums. And I kept a running list of everything that one would need to learn to play those characters. And nothing is stopping you from doing that either.


shoot a fireball and then when they jump over it use ur uppercut


Oh okay.


lol Zandwich.

VF4’s got the right idea.