Acii cvs stick for dc intrest check

i have an asciii cvs stick that is for DC it has that rare sanwa optical stick along with sanwa buttons comes stock this way btw its in used condition but is very good was wondering what something like this is worth

Well first of all, this stick does not have any Sanwa parts. But I know what you’re trying to get at. The optical stick is VERY similar to the Sanwa optical stick (Flash-1). ASCII did a hell of a job cloning it. Depending on the condition and whether it had the box or whatnot, it could fetch upwards of $100 (at least that’s what I sold some in the past for).

If it’s just the stick and it’s only in good condition, maybe closer to like $75.

In the end, it’s whatever you people are willing to pay for it.


ill offer 65 shipped

ill put it up for sale in a bit in a new htread was just getting feed back since i didnt really no what i had

PM sent.