ACM Brawl and SC4 Tournament + Pentathalon - Charlotte, NC - 8/30/2008

Things have been going well so far and I thank Shiki and Darklight for their help. Keeping with our rotations Brawl will have an item tourney using modified ISP rules. Cage matches will return, we’ll have SC4, and most of the traditional stuff (3S, Marvel, etc) will be there. The rules are close to finalized but please let me know if you have any concerns about the setup. We wound up having to change rooms but we’ll still have space. And as always I got the pastries…

**Saturday, August 30th **- 1PM to 9PM. The main events will be our Brawl Item tournament and our Soul Calibur IV tournament. Spectators will get in free. Entrants will pay $3 for the host/cover charge while the actual tournament entry fee will be $7 for each. The Brawl Cage matches tournament entry fee is $2. Full rules and division of winnings outlined below. The tournament pots for 3S, GG, & Marvel will be $5 with a 70/20/10 winnings split. We will also be selling $1 tickets for our prize drawings where the winners will be able to pick from a Starbucks card, a GameStop card, or a one month trial/extension of Xbox Live Gold. Tournament entrants get a ticket for the prize drawings free. We’ll be selling Papa Johns pizza for $2 a slice and canned sodas for $1 with a dinner deal of 2 slices and a soda for $4.

Soul Calibur IV (PS3) - $10

  • Double Elimination. Matches will be best 3/5 rounds, finals best 4/7 rounds.
    *Stages set to random select
    *Algol, Yoda, Vader and created characters are banned. Apprentice allowed.
  • Prize winning percentages will be 70/20/10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Brawl Item tournament - $7

  • Matches will be Three Stock, Six minute time limit.
  • Double Elimination. All matches will be 2/3, with all finals being 3/5.
  • Items set to Low frequency
  • The first match will use the Neutral items. The loser of the match may choose to turn on two Counterpick items, turn off two Neutral items, or turn one on and one off. They may also opt to not make any changes. The winner may then opt to turn on or off one item.
  • The first match is a blind pick, where the competitors will tell their character to a judge (including special forms like Zero Suit Samus or selecting a specific Pokemon Trainer starter) then proceed. The stage will be random selected from the list of Neutral stages. The loser of the first match will then choose to either pick the next stage from the list of Neutral or Counterpick stages or pick a new character, while the winner keeps their character. The same will happen for the third match, if necessary.
  • The same stage can not be played twice in a row in a single set unless by random select.
  • Stalling underneath a stage is an automatic disqualification for that match.
  • Prize winning percentages will be 70/20/10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Neutral Items:
(Sandbag) (Food) (Warp Star) (Bunny Hood) (Beam Sword) (Lips Stick) (Star Rod) (Super Scope) (Fire Flower) (Motion Sensor Bomb) (Freezie) (Smoke Ball) (Pitfall) (Mr. Saturn) (Green Shell) (Banana Peel) (Franklin Badge) (Screw Attack)(Unira) (Spring)

Counterpick Items:
(Assist Trophy) (Pokeball) (Dragoon) (Metal Box) (Home-Run Bat) (Hammer) (Ray Gun) (Cracker Launcher) (Gooey Bomb) (Hothead) (Soccer Ball) (Bumper) (Smash Ball)

Banned Items:
(Containers) (Blast Box) (Maxim Tomato) (Heart Container) (Super Mushroom) (Poison Mushroom) (Starman) (Superspicy Curry) (Lightning) (Fan) (Golden Hammer) (Bob-Omb) (Smart Bomb) (Deku Nut)

Unira, Soccer Ball, Spring, and Bumper are in different positions from the official ISP list

Neutral Stages:
Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story, Smashville, Lylat Cruise

Stages for Counterpick:
Delfino Plaza, Distant Planet, Luigi’s Mansion, Bridge of Eldin, Frigate Orpheon, Pirate Ship, Battleship Halberd, Castle Siege, Corneria, Rainbow Cruise, Green Greens, Pokemon Stadium 1, Yoshi’s Island (melee), Pokemon Stadium 2, Green Hill Zone

Banned Stages:
Hanenbow, Brinstar, Pictochat, Mario Circuit, Skyworld, Norfair, Mushroomy Kingdom, Rumble Falls, Spear Pillar, Port Town: Aero Dive, Shadow Moses Island, 75m, Mario Bros Arcade, The Summit, Flatzone 2, WarioWare Inc, New Pork City, Hyrule, Big Blue, Onett

Brawl Cage Match tournament - $2

This is our second cage match event. The first one went well, despite not having a lot of entrants. A good point was brought up about Heavy Gravity being a huge setback for heavy characters so we may opt not to use it.

  • Heavy Gravity will be on. (tenative)
  • Damage set to 1.2%
  • Matches will be 200HP, Four minute time limit. The one with the most HP at time limit wins.
    *No items.
  • Double Elimination. All matches will be 2/3, with all finals being 3/5.
  • First match is a blind pick, where the competitors will tell their character to a judge (including special forms like Zero Suit Samus or selecting a specific Pokemon Trainer starter) then proceed. The stage will be random selected from the Cage match stages (Shadow Moses Island + created stages). The loser of the first match will then pick the next stage from the list of Cage match stages or choose a different character, while the winner keeps their character. The same will happen for the third match, if necessary.
  • Prize winning percentages will be 70/20/10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)l.

Location and directions

IT Building Room 1116 (New room - 1st floor)
Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204,-80.947266&sspn=1.911495,3.713379&ie=UTF8&ll=36.323977,-80.584717&spn=1.885324,3.713379&z=8&iwloc=A&iwd=1&cid=35217452,-80831213,4964217294133329492&dtab=0

Visitor parking is in the new (brick) parking deck next to the bookstore and across the street from the old (concrete) parking deck and the IT building. There is a lot of road construction nearby.

Rules and top rankings for last tournament:

Add 3S, and Marvel and I’m there

While I’m a pretty subpar Marvel player, I always bring my Dreamcast and MvC2 to these. I just didn’t have the prices up for it and 3S, yet. Pretty sure GG will be there too.

BTW, does anyone know of any places around Charlotte that are cool with you putting up flyers? I know Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find is cool so some will be dropped off there.

Hit up Game stop and other electronic outlets

Also allow the Star wars characters. Vader sucks . and Apprentice is mid-top tier. so I don’t think they are broken like Algol

Sam, check your PMs. I replied with a few suggestions.

Sips red Kool-aid

A couple around UNCC couldn’t hurt.

Also, CvS2 has traditionally drawn interest well around here.

Still tweaking things. I probably need to reformat my whole wording for my first post. Also, y’all sure UNCC will be okay since it’s items-on this time around and items are pretty unpopular up there?

Regarding items, as a great man once said “Whether you like it or hate it, learn to LOVE it; because it’s the best thing going today…WOOOOO!”

Regarding the Star Wars characters, as I imagine the PS3 version will be standard, Vader should be banned until he is available to download on the 360 version.
No matter how good/bad he is, the fact that someone with access to only the 360 version is put at a disadvantage if they are suddenly forced to fight Vader in a match. The Apprentice is in both versions, so he does not have that same advantage. I don’t know if he is broken or not, since I don’t play the game.

Managed to get a better room and it’s on the first floor so people will be able to find it easier.

Okay. Want me help you set up like last time.

The more help the better.

I’ll be in town that weekend so I might come for 3s and gg but I’m not sure I’ll have the time since I had other plans in Charlotte.

Yo for Tekken 5 DR. I have some customs for my kazuya is it ok if I bring the usb and use it?. and will there be ps2 >ps3 converters or I need to bring one?

Yeah that’s fine with me.

I have two PS2-> PS3 converters and one PS3 controller and Shiki has one converter. If you wanna bring one just in case that’s fine.

I hope you make it out. I’m getting the feeling that this will be the biggest event yet. It sucks that they jacked us for the other room, though.

I think Face’s idea for the Pentathlon is a great idea, so I’ll be holding a Proto-type version of it this weekend.

We’ll be playing either round robin or double elim, depending on signups, and 5 rounds of these games:

  1. Marvel Vs. Street Fighter (Saturn)
  2. Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PS2)
  3. Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2)
  4. Samurai Shodown Tenka (PS2)
  5. Arcana Heart (PS2)

Signups are $5 for the whole event.
Payout as follows:
A) For each game won, you get 10% of the pot each
B) The overall winner will get the remaining 50% of the pot

The overall winner will be decided by Most Tournaments won (if Double Elim) or Most Points earned (if Round Robin).
Any Overall Winner ties will be settled by a single match in a random-picked game.
Round Robin will be feature each player playing 2 matches against each other.
Win=2 points, Draw=1 point, Loss=0 points


Marvel Vs Street Fighter-- Mech Gouki is banned

Alpha 2–Shin Akuma is banned

Tekken Tag–No Unknown (can’t remember if she/it is playable)

SamSho Tenka–Kuroko is banned. Custom and Demon grooves are banned

Arcana Heart–Full! version characters only.

While that’s a really good choice of games, are you sure we’ll have the time? It might be best for a league/pentathlon to be set up in round robin play since it guarantees that everyone will play everyone which should be a better evaluation of skill and will (hopefully) get more people to take a chance with the setup since they know they will get a decent number of times to play.

Hey what’s going on guys. No we aren’t down with the items in Brawl but will play a no item tourney now that we are all back. Also, we are still pushing for a SSB N64 Tourney if we could get some demand for it or try it out. Our group also probably would try the SC4 tourney if not for the fact that we play the 360 version and likely wouldn’t do well in the PS3 version.

I like the Marvel vs Capcom 2 for DC choice though but it won’t be enough for me to go this is round of tourneys. But if we can get any of those we’d all probably show. I’m thinking at least 6 people, at most about 9.

That’s cool. We’ve been alternating our item and no-item tournaments for Brawl so the next itemless play should be in September. Might try running the N64 version then. Also, we do Cage Matches/Stamina mode without items (though it uses custom stages).

With SC4, I can probably work a compromise if someone can confirm a 360 + game and you know people will show up. The biggest reasons for the PS3 version were confirmation (we know it’ll be there since Darklight will also be bringing Tekken 5) and the fact that he has PS2 -> PS3 adapters for arcade sticks.