ACM Brawl, MK vs DCU Tournaments - Feb 20, 2009 - Charlotte, NC

Sorry for getting this up so late. Going to be trying a few things this time around like running a MK vs DCU tournament to see if it has a decent turnout and having SFIV on free play so we can introduce new players to SF and that in March we can get a strong turnout for a tourney with it. If a sizable number of people are interested I’m more than willing to run a tournament for it IF we have enough setups available for it to run smoothly.

Friday, February 20th- 1PM to 9PM. The main events will be our Brawl No Item tournament. Spectators will get in free. Entrants will pay $5 for the host/cover charge while the actual tournament entry fee will be $10 for each game. The Brawl Item Standard Play tournament and MK vs DCU Tournament entry fee is $5 each. Bringing your own controller/stick is preferred though some should be available. Full rules and division of winnings outlined below. We will also be selling $1 tickets for our prize drawings where the winners will be able to pick from various gift cards. Tournament entrants get a ticket for the prize drawings free. We’ll be selling Papa Johns pizza for $2 a slice and canned sodas for $1 with a dinner deal of 2 slices and a soda for $4.

Any mid round rule changes by entrants are subject to disqualification.

Brawl No Item tournament - $10

We’ll be doing things a bit more traditionally than we did with our item tournament so I’m copying this from a few other rulesets with a few edits.

  • Matches will be Three Stock, 7 minute time limit.
  • Double Elimination. All matches will be 2/3, with all finals being 3/5.
  • Random seeding will be done by location. This is due to us not having our own ranking charts for skill levels.
  • First match is a blind pick, where the competitors will tell their character to a judge (including special forms like Zero Suit Samus or selecting a specific Pokemon Trainer starter) then proceed. The stage will be random selected from the list of Neutral stages. The loser of the first match will then pick the next stage from the list of Neutral or Counterpick stages, then the winner may choose his character, the loser will choose his character, and the match will begin. The same will happen for the third match, if necessary.
  • The same stage can not be played twice in a row in a single set unless by random select.
  • Players who are late for their match will lose a stock for each pasing minute they are not present. If/when they show up, they will have to play the full match time period with the reduced stock.
  • Stalling underneath a stage is an automatic disqualification for that match.
  • Prize winning percentages will be 70/20/10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)


  • Final Destination, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story, Smashville, Lylat Cruise

Stages for Counterpick:

  • Delfino Plaza, Distant Planet, Luigi’s Mansion, Bridge of Eldin, Frigate Orpheon, Battleship Halberd, Castle Siege, Corneria, Rainbow Cruise, Green Greens, Brinstar, Pokemon Stadium 1, Yoshi’s Island (melee)

NOTE: You may play any banned stage as long as both you and your opponent agree and ask a judge. If both agree, there will be no complaints.

Banned Stages:

  • Hanenbow, Pictochat, Green Hill Zone, Mario Circuit, Skyworld, Norfair, Mushroomy Kingdom, Rumble Falls, Pokemon Stadium 2, Spear Pillar, Port Town: Aero Dive, Shadow Moses Island, 75m, Mario Bros Arcade, The Summit, Flatzone 2, WarioWare Inc, New Pork City, Hyrule, Big Blue, Onett

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe (Xbox 360) - $5

  • Double Elimination. Matches will be best 3/5 rounds, finals best 4/7 rounds.

  • Stages set to random select

  • All infinites BANNED. using an infinite results in a forfeit for that round.

  • Superman gets 1 free move after dd4*1+2 but it cannot be another promove ground pound.

  • Flash reset is LEGAL but only 1 reset in the combo is allowed. if 2 resets are done then its considered a semi-infinite and you forfeit the round.

  • Breaker combos are legal.

  • Guaranteed hits/combos off of the unblockable rage activation are legal.

  • Instant kill glitch BANNED. using it results in a forfeit for that MATCH.

  • ALL characters are legal.

  • Winner must keep the character they won with. you can change characters after a loss.

  • Prize winning percentages will be 70/20/10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Brawl ISP tournament - $5

Secondary tournament for Brawl using the Item Standard Play rules (full list will be posted shortly).

Location and directions

Overcash Building, Room 255
Central Piedmont Community College
1201 Elizabeth Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204,-80.947266&sspn=1.911495,3.713379&ie=UTF8&ll=36.323977,-80.584717&spn=1.885324,3.713379&z=8&iwloc=A&iwd=1&cid=35217452,-80831213,4964217294133329492&dtab=0

Visitor parking is in the new (brick) parking deck next to the bookstore and across the street from the old (concrete) parking deck and the IT building. There is a lot of road construction nearby. The Overcash building is better known as the Bojangles building which is straight down Elizabeth Avenue (which has been finally been repaired). It’ll be on the second floor.

I need a little assistance with something here. With an unforseen money issue, there’s a high possibility that I personally won’t have a copy of SFIV by the time this rolls around. While I’m sure that at least one copy will be there, I was really hoping for a larger setup–especially since if this event goes well then we should be able to appeal to Student Government for more leniency in room reservations. What I’m asking is for anyone who will be in the area on the 20th to bring their copy of SFIV (and system if bringing the PS3 version since I have a 360). I’ll wave the venue fee plus I’d like to have a full tournament if enough people come.

If i can make it out to the campus ill bring a copy of SF.

Unfortunately since this is a Friday I probably won’t be able to make it, or if I DID make it it would only be for a couple of hours due to work conflicts.

I understand why, because that Saturday would conflict with the GS SF4 tournaments and next Saturday is Lucky’s but honestly I would want to go to this 10x more than any lame GS tourney even if I win and get a free Ryu headband :karate:
Also, I think SF4 should definitely be a tourney, but casuals all day afterwards would be good.

Let’s see if we can’t convert any of the Smashers…
REPENT…and thou shalt be saved.

I might stop by around 6:30pm. I have to work, and check in with my boss, aka my wife :), to see if we have any preexisting plans. If not, I will try to bring my PS3, SF4, and my HRAP3 stick if someone else hasn’t already brought SF4.

First time coming to something like this, so I will be a little clueless about how things work. I am just there to meet people and play SF4 casually. I will not be playing in any of the tournaments.

A new challenger has entered the battle

I too will be showing up. I really don’t want to bring my PS3 so if someone is going to then let us know. Ill bring my scrub D pad and tiger my way to victory. I also have a PS2/PS3 (or usb) controller converter that I can bring if anyone needs it.

Also, Thank you for hosting the event

I hope you guys enjoy it. I’m trying to get stuff setup so that the one in…March? will be on Saturday instead.

@CHEEZCOLA: If you aren’t comfortable with bringing your PS3 system then don’t worry about it. With SFIV just coming out, I wasn’t sure if we should do a full tourney so I opted for the free play. However, extra pads/sticks/converters are certainly welcome. TVs too but that’s heavy lifting so I can understand not bringing that. So far the only thing to ever disappear from one of these events is a GameCube controller of mine and it happened to “magically” reappear in the tournament afterwards so it was good. Plus, I have a solid idea of who did it and I haven’t seen them at any tournaments afterwards. People here tend to have your back and watch your stuff so anything you bring should be safe.

Shiki, I know you prolly won’t be able to stick around but I was wondering if you could give me a ride there after I get out of class at around 12:30?
If so, I’ll bring a PS3 and a copy of SF4 if I have it by then (Gamestop online not confirming shipment yet so I’m like “wtf” right now). Also I’ll bring a Wii to help get the smash tourney run faster. Zam, how many TV setups do you have right now? I can bring one if you need (but then I’ll definitely need a ride there and back home if I do that).

I would probably only be able to stay until around 4PM, so that means I’m not going to be able to enter anything at all.

Julian, shoot me a PM.

The TV will be needed (oops, sort of expected it by default). I just realized that they mounted the flatscreens from last semester so we won’t have access to any of them. I know I’ll be bringing mine and there will be the projector system. I need to double check and see what the Johnson & Wales guys will be bringing.

There is no way I can bring my TV with me, not that it matters with me showing up so late. I can bring a 480p projector. But the projector bulb isn’t that bright so it requires almost a completely dark room in order to play properly.

Ill see if i can bring an extra tv.

The money I was waiting on came in so I now have SFIV and the standard edition stick for Friday :tup:

Can we have like a status report on number of TV’s, PS3/Xbox, people on the event by 2:00PM? I would rather bringing my TV/PS3 than staying and doing nothing :slight_smile:

A phone number is fine too


Is anyone going to this?

Any chance of 3S?

Probably not a full tournament but there may be a copy for casuals.

I hate being ignored

I am bringing my TV/PS3. I will run around saying “HEY! THAT IS MINE”. I however don’t have a copy of SF4 so try to bring yours please please please bring your SF4 copy so you can both play and get my autograph

See you there. Ill try to check the board when I am there.

A little smaller than expected but overall this was a good event. Trying to get things set up for next month.