ACM SF4 RANBATS : Season 1 Results --Charlotte,NC

These are the current rankings for ACM Rankings Battles in Charlotte, NC. Remember, you can improve your current rank by placing in at least Top 6. points are awarded as the following:
1st- 10 pts
2nd- 7 pts
3rd- 5 pts
4th- 3 pts
5th- 1 pt
5th- 1 pt**

Current Season Leaders ( Top 3 )

1st: Loborine - 10 pts
2nd: Kombokaze - 7 pts
3rd: Darklight - 5 pts

**SF4 Ranbat 1.1 - March 21, 2009 **
Entrants= 14

1st - Lobo (Gief)/ (10 pts)
2nd - Kombokaze (Boxer, Akuma)/ (7 pts)
3rd - Darklight (Ryu, Chun, Blanka)/ (5 pts)
4th - Fuzzy Yogurt (Claw)/ (3 pts)
5th - Brandon (Gen)/ (1 pt)
5th - JC (Bison)/ (1 pt)

SF4 Ranbat 1.2 - Date(pending)
Entrants= (n/a)

1st -
2nd -
3rd -
4th -
5th -
5th -

There will be updates following each tournament. If you have any questions or disputes for rankings please post and if needed I will update accordingly. Lets keep it up and try to get more entrants.



reserved (just in case)

Sorry, sorry for the late results. I just woke up and me, Sam, and Darklight were playing KOF 2002 UM til like 4AM:

Sam has the full SF4 brackets.
Going from memory:

Street Fighter 4 (13 entrants)
1st–Lobo (Gief)
2nd–Kombokaze (Boxer, Akuma)
3rd–Darklight (Ryu, Chun, Blanka)
4th–Fuzzy Yogurt (Claw)

Forgot the rest

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike Full Results:
1st–Lobo (Ryu)
2nd–Face (Chun)
3rd–Brandon (Ken, Dudley, Alex)
4th–Shiki (Q, Alex)

PENTATHLON was insane. Drama, comedy, controversy, HYPE and it went down to the very last game.
We had 12 players randomly distributed into 2 teams:

Team 1

Team 2
Fuzzy Yogurt

Guilty Gear Accent Core
Street Fighter EX3 2-on-2 Tag Teams
SSF2Turbo HD Remix
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

Wayne over Sam
Buddy loses to Simon
Corey loses to Aaron
Face loses to Darklight
Kombo loses to Lobo
Shiki over Fuzz

Wayne loses to Simon
Shiki over Aaron

Shiki loses to Darklight

Team 2 Wins 3 pts. (Simon, Darklight, and Lobo survive)

Face/Kombo lose to Aaron/Fuzz
Shiki/Corey over Sam/Simon
Buddy/Wayne lose to Darklight/Lobo

Shiki/Corey over Aaron/Fuzz

Shiki/Corey lose to Darklight/Lobo

Team 2 Wins 2 pts. (Darklight and Lobo survive)

HD Remix
Buddy loses to Aaron
Shiki over Lobo
Kombo loses to Darklight
Corey loses to Fuzz
Face over Simon
Wayne over Sam

Shiki over Aaron
Face loses to Darklight
Wayne over Fuzz

Shiki over Darklight

Team 1 wins 2 pts. (Shiki and Wayne survive)

Capcom Vs. SNK 2
Face over Aaron
Corey over Simon
Wayne loses to Lobo
Buddy over Sam
Shiki over Darklight
Kombo loses to Fuzz

Face over Fuzz
Shiki over Lobo

Team 1 wins 4 pts. (Face, Buddy, Shiki, and Corey survive)

Tekken 5 DR
Kombo over Sam
Buddy loses to Aaron
Corey loses to Fuzz
Wayne over Simon
Shiki loses to Darklight
Face loses to Lobo

Kombo over Fuzz
Wayne loses to Darklight

Kombo over Lobo
Kombo loses to Darklight

Team 2 wins 2 pts. (Darklight and Aaron survive

Final Score:
Team 1–6 pts.
Team 2–7 pts.


I’ll just use this thread for the results since my brain does not want to do more typing than needed this morni…looks at clock it’s 2PM already???

I know there’s pros and cons to paper versus computer tracking but I think the program I’m using is pretty well setup. Hopefully some of the people who missed this event will be here for the next one. On that note, I need to double check other events but I’m planning for the last Saturday in April. It’ll be the anniversary of the first of these so it’ll be more SF4, items ON Brawl, and hopefully some good stuff in the Pentathalon (I’m pushing hard for MK vs DCU).

Wow, sounds like everyone had a great time. Good job keeping the charlotte tourney scene alive you guys. :tup:

that image is to small… good stuff everyone…its good to seem there was some kinda turnout. keep practicing. my gamertag on live is l0b0 srk with zero’s instead of o’s.

face good stuff in 3rd strike… hopefully we get more people into third strike…as face says…its awesome compared to sf4…

as for the team tourney thing…it was fun…but i really suggest that you make a list…and allow people to vote on it. like ex3 i never played that game in my life…and i dont think alot of people neither… i know your trying to change things up…which is cool…

but i think a vote would be a good thing to do. people speak up, and mention games you want to… good stuff… i heard from face , charlotte has a play and trade where there will be a tourney for money in sf4 this coming friday… 10 entry, i believe , where first place is guarnteed 100 bucks 2nd 50, and 3rd 25… ill see if i can make that one…

charlotte sux ,cause it to far away from me…

also shout out to all the new faces i met, sorry im bad with names…you know who you are,

and shout outs to all old faces as well

Darklight…good way to hold it down… and KOBO…what happened in tekken???

GGs everyone. Glad to see some new people showing up. Hope to see you guys again at Lucky’s. Lobo, I promise I’ll play you better in 3S next time, I was garbage all day.


Good stuff guys. Thanks for coming out. It’s always a pleasure to play against yall.

Kombo, I didn’t know you stayed out in NY now but I’m glad you came through. Good shit with 'Rog man. Hit me up on SF4 whenever.

Lobo, Sam, Aaron, Simon and Fuzzy: Good shit holdin’ it down for Team 2!

Good shit to everyone I played in SF4 as well. Looks like I still need to work getting more matchup experience. (Boomshigi, those were some good matches. I wish I could’ve seen my friend Justin play you in a Cammy mirror match).

Team 1… Shiki, Face, Corie, Wayne, Kombo and that dude in the Looney Tunes jacket (haha j/k Buddy) : Hilarious trash talk and good comp. It’s things like this that make ANY team tourney worth it for me. Even when I don’t know a lot about half the stuff I’m playing. :lol:

Coast, it was nice meeting you and playing your Bison in SF4 (P.S. I was jealous of that SF4 T.E. stick… mine STILL hasn’t come through yet).

I hope to see the regulars at Lucky’s again in April. Wayne and Justin: If yall could make it up there, you would see it gets even MORE HYPE! The competition is good as hell and I know it would better our overall game and be a fun experience at the same time. Please consider it if you’re not busy that Saturday (Justin, enter SF4 man. You can do this, trust me).

'Hope I didn’t forget to mention anyone. If I did, just hit me up and be like: “Yo nigga, you better represent before I TAKE your cornbread! :annoy:”… Also I’m sorry if I forgot.

I’ll see yall at the next one. Peace.

Thanks for the heads up. Photobucket shrank it for whatever reason. The one above is a little bigger but anyone who wants it fullsize can PM me and I’ll email it to them.

Thanks to Sam again for hosting.

Also thanks to ANYONE and EVERYONE who brought equipment.

Also my heartful thanks for everyone who participated in the Pentathlon and made it a hype event.

Remember, this tournament is for YOU. If there’s anything you want to see or anything you think can improve just let us know so we can continue to make the Pentathlon and the tournament in general bigger and better.

Lobo’s idea of voting on the games is a good one and will be implemented for the next one.

We gotta continue spreading the word…the Charlotte scene is BACK.

Thanks to everyone who made it out for the first time and I was able to meet…Fuzzy Yogurt, Coast, Corey, Buddy, and everyone else.

1.2 needs to come quicker!!! I too hype right now! Ill practice up though and place top 5 in Sf4 next time… hopefully?

But yeah good stuff shiki! Ex3 seemed to be probably the most ridiculous game i have seen but it was the hypest!! oh and cvs2 was hype. But i think lobo’s idea was great. maybe sam can make a poll with a list of games and we vote. top 5 in votes are the ones we play?

I dont care how it happens as long as it does!!! Im in the pentathlon next time fa sho!!!

As hype as EX3 was, that was nowhere NEAR some of the craziest shit I’ve seen from that game.
I really need to start playing the game with more people in person…

Lol all i got to say about that game is… DEAD BODY!!! LOL!

spinning orbital matrix piledrivers ftw