So I’m curious, is there any news on the expected AE cab at ACME or has it already been upgraded and I just don’t know it xD. I went through the threads looking for that one thread where everyone put up their suggestions and I can’t seem to find it. Is it cause its not gonna happen or has it already happened? o.O


It is happening! One of the two cabinets had a bad video card a week ago, so we drug it to the shop. Cabinet is fixed, and we are starting the upgrade to new Sanwa sticks and buttons. the AE kits should be here in a couple weeks, at which time we will drag in the remaining cabinet and get the AE installed. :slight_smile:
Long story short, AE by April 1st it looks like.


April 1st is april fools, can’t be playing with emotions like that. Just kidding thanks for the update.


Bill, any news on Super Turbo?


Still looking for a Super Turbo A+B board set. When we find one, we will kit one up to keep you guys busy at Acme. Will have all Sanwa buttons and sticks.


You’re the man Bill. I used to live pretty close to acme, and I went there all the time and supported the IIDX 8th style machine. I live much further away now, but you bet your ass I’ll be down there for some AE and super turbo!


What Drewfus said. It’s awesome you’re doing so much to cater to us humble folk. You have my support (and quarters)


I…I…I don’t know what to say. :razzy:


Time to cash in those dollars for quarters come April :slight_smile:


bill owns so hard


Quick question, will those machine gates be fixed? And also is it going to still be circle or square gated?


The sticks are Sanwa square gates.


Now all acme needs is a Technika cabinet and I’d be going there all day everyday.


I have a work party at ACME tomorrow. What do they have for fighters right now?