Acme sf4 status

Hello all,
Anyone play on the Acme cabinets lately? We are wondering if everything is functioning as it should be, as there has been little play the last few weeks. Appreciate any comments regarding proper operation. Something not working, or is the SF4 arcade scene dead at the moment?

With the 2012 update for consoles, its tough to motivate people to go out to an arcade to play the first iteration of AE for $.75 a game. Also, Gamebreakerz has siphoned off a lot of the weekly regulars Acme used to see. Is there any way to get the 2012 update for the cab at Acme??

At this rate, we are afraid to throw any more money in to this thing. Lost our butt on the AE upgrades.

The upgrade should be free, but I think you have to send it to Capcom JP to get the free upgrade. Contact the vendor/distributor who sold you the board and see if they have some process for getting it upgraded.

We’re all talking about hitting the arcades more. Gameworks has been seeing more players even without the update. If you put the update in I know I will be out every Monday to play and I will encourage everyone else to do the same. I miss Acme. Hope we can make something work.

We would love to update, however, the computer would have to be sent overseas, estimated downtime 4-6 weeks. ARGH!

If its a free update, it might be worth the money to have it upgraded/updated.

This really sucks for you mvco, even if you do update it, i doubt people will flock back over…But since you already invested so much, might as well just get the update…Once you get the update let it ride for a bit then sell it…Good luck

Definitely get the update, with a lot of people heavily investing time into KoF XIII and UMvC3 at home, sending AE away soonest is for the best.

Is this only on Facebook or what?

Yes there is a facebook group for KoF called KOF Northwest.