Acouple Hori ex2 mod questions

Hi, i’ve recently found a local soldering store, and he is able to fix my hori ex2’s slight crack in PCB. When i asked him if he could put in new buttons if i brought them too him he said yes. I explained to him most of what was needed. But i have afew questions about what is necessary.

Sawna buttons espcially Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons need to have their connectors bents, is their an other sanwa button that won’t require bending the the buttons then selfs and also cutting some of it off with a exacto knife?

Also i was wondering if any ball top works on the hori ex2 original metal stick, or would i have to replace that metal stick.

Example, could a Sanwa LB-45 Joystick Ball Top or Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top work on my hori ex2’s original stick?

Thank you in advance

bump, could anyone answer my question?

OBSF-30 buttons do not have to be bent. Who told you that?

Although the stock buttons on the Hori are a bit smaller,
so you will need to file the holes in order for any button to fit.

And yes, any Sanwa ball top will fit on the hori shaft, just not the bat top.