Acquired a Round 1 TE fightstick for Xbox360. Any mod advice?


Would like to make it run on a Dreamcast or PS4, but open to any suggestions. For fun, how would you mod it if you were in my shoes?


Buy a ps4 hori fightstick mini, and use the pcb, can be picked up cheap, I got 2 recently for 20 a piece, gonna put them in and flip them

For DC best option is the pcb from an agetec stick


PS4 Brook PCB + MC Cthulhu + Neutrik RJ45 on the Select button area, drill in 12mm button. Assign Share to Turbo button.

  1. Buy a Agetec Dreamcast stick :smile:
  2. Install a Brook UFB Fighting Board in your TE, utilizing the top home panel PCB to retain all functions. Here’s mine:

NOTE: you will need to run a soldered wire from the middle lead of the lock switch area on the underside of the Home panel board (sorry, I don’t have a pic to visualize this for you) to serve as the ground connections for both the start and select buttons. The Round 2 has this functionality on-board as “KGND,” though the Round 1 does not.

NOTE: i had previously wired the LS/DP/RS incorrectly to the Brook UFB. I have since corrected it. See the photo for details on proper connection:

For more details check out this video from @The_Real_Phoenix
(P.S. Don’t let “hitbox” in the title shy you away)


Agetech Dreamcast PCB is your #1 choice as it has VMU connector but they are harder to get
The MC Cthulhu is a really good 2nd choice, its one con for Dreamcast is the lack of VMU interface.


Thanks so much for the advice + links + pictures. This will be a great help.


Actually, all TE Home/Turbo panels have access to the lock feature. I made a video of it some time ago:


The KGND is for the Start/Select.


Yup! which was my point. Thanks for clarifying, @The_Real_Phoenix