Acrylic Arcade joystick -fight stick- (tek innovations)


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In the name of fight sticks this case is A must for every pro fighter
Your easy guide to build your own arcade fight stick

tek-innovations offers great Acrylic joystick case with wide color palette to choose from mix and match and you’re good to go. case design is good for reopening and fixing something but some times you feel like breaking it especially when the acrylic squeaks but trust me it’s not going to break. I recommend building with this case if you know what you are doing like buying arcade parts or crimping some connectors, however this matter is subjective to persons knowledge or background in-building geek stuff.

game play review:
on a table or desk this case work perfectly well the rubber grommets provided was excellent. on lap the Acrylic somehow dose not feel right but don’t get me wrong the case is solid when it’s all together in one pace it dose not squeak or bend down.

i was shocked when i first played my ultra street fighter 4 game on PC there is no delay on miss pressed button !. the generic PCB from Aliexpress promised zero delay and it did. to put this in easy way it is faster then my qanba q2 pro. i was able to fit 20 feet printer cable with no problem. i recommend buying this PCB instead of the PS360+ if you are playing on PC only like me because this PCB worked with all my games on steam.


  • case $75
  • joustic and buttons $45
  • PCB $12
  • neutrik usb A/B $8

total $140 worth it

Parts used in this build:

  • generic usb joystick PCB
  • 22 AWG cables
  • 110 quick disconnect terminal
  • xh 2.54mm 2pin connector
  • xh 2.54mm 4pin connector
  • xh 2.54mm 5pin connector
  • crimping tool sn-28B
  • Pet cable sleeving and heat shrinks
  • Philips screwdriver scissor
    In case if you lose any screw these are the screw sizes for the case build:
  • 8-32 Thread 3/4 length pen head
  • 6-32 Thread 1/2 length pen head
  • 6-32 Thread 1/2 length flat head
  • 8-32 hex nut and 6-32 hex nut

helped in making case:

future builds coming soon
let me know what do you think in the comments
talk to you gays in the next one peace

case gallery:

  • name plate

October 2015

PS360+ and Windows7 64-bit issues
How do you guys make an arcade stick case?
Need advice considering buying an arcade stick as a gift

That is very noice indeed. Shame Tek don’t sell slightly slanted cases…


I understood it as angled pieces are harder to constantly get precise.


TEK-Mini has a slant.

Maybe arthong can use that design for his normal TEK-Case.


That would be sweet.


new build soon …


Well that was unnecessary…

Would I be able to get one that is compatible with American parts? i.e. iL Stick, iL buttons?


Awesome Build! Internals look nice and clean

Where did you buy your Tech Flex and Heat Shrink Tubing? (An exact link would be appreciated)



I recently bought some from McMaster-Carr. It is not labeled Tech-Flex on the website, but that’s what was delivered. It should be less expensive than buying from a specialty store. It’s the first section labeled: Choose-a-Color Polyester

Here is a page for their heat shrink.


from amazon


How heavy is the case without the weight slots?


I get 3.68 LBS with my full built stick.