Acrylic/Plexiglas for HRAP 3/EX & TE, and More - First post updated with Dust Washers

**If you are interested in ordering, please check out Arthong’s website at: **

Please direct all PM’s to arthong should you have any inquiries/questions.

Laser Cut (acrylic) plexi-covers to help with your stick Modding!** ( Will have more to come as I have time to make more)

Tournament Edition: Regular Size, Extended Size, Full Size :

HRAP 3 / EX / 2 (SA) & HRAP 1 & T5 :


More Samples of the Extended and Full Plexi-Covers for the TE

Extended Plexi-Cover, helps replace the Bezel. (Extended Artwork Print & Cutout used in example) *Credit toMIVLives on artwork

Extended Artwork cut with Full Plexi-Cover, if you want more area for your wrists, but only a smaller area for the artwork.

Full Plexi-Cover and Full Artwork cuts

Samples of Etchings to the Plexi-Covers!

Laser Cut Artwork (Submit your artwork to be printed and cut to exact plexi specs.) *Credit to Pattyb69 for use of his artwork.

Cuts are perforated for ease of popping out the cuts. Also 30mm button cuts have an additional cut made to work with Seimitsu buttons.

Now with personalized dust washers!

For more images and information, visit

Available at

Alternative Sticky Thread here:

**More to come as I (Arthong) get more chance to work on innovative ways with Acrylic to help you make your stick Unique! Custom Requests will be available in the near future.

Thanks again, everyone, for your incredible support!!!**

Many thanks, Imitrex for helping out with the post =D

Everyone, please refer to this post for quick updates, and please PM/Email me with requests so Imitrex doesn’t get bombarded with messages to forward to me. Thanks!

UPDATE 6/08 1:30pm:
Hey guys,

So as many of you already know, the website is back up. Orders started coming in like 30 min after I opened it up… which was around 730am… man, some of you guys were just hovering over all night! Thanks =D.

I’m running on 3hrs of sleep right now so hopefully I’m coherent with my writing. Although the site is up, I couldn’t get everything up as intended. Had internet connection issues over the weekend that negatively impacted my schedule. So I just pushed up everything that was essential. Lots of images and descriptions missing, but for those who are already familiar with my products shouldn’t have much trouble understanding the new setup and options.

For those who are first time visitors, I’m sure there are still a lot of questions, and I will work to get the rest of the details up asap!

Amongst one of the newer implementation is the Artwork Submission section where you can upload your artwork to my site. However, there seems to be some unknown issues with that right now. Some people have been successful with the uploads, some haven’t. I’ll have to double check what the issue may be when I get back home. So if you get an error and you know you shouldn’t, I’ll see if I can find a solution to that by tomorrow. Or if you’re sending a RAR file, try sending it as ZIP and vice versa. A couple ppl have reported that to work.

There’s a lot of text on the site, and I know it’s more than most people want to read, but I strongly recommend the reading for the new options… like how to format your etching image, seeing the available font selections, how text etching may look, etc.

I’ll also be adding the Tag Etchings to the Accessory line. This is purely a side interest thing for those who may want their Gamertag/Handle/Logo/Image etched on an Acrylic Tag/Keychain. Just another option for personalizing.

Alright, much to do. If I don’t get to your PM or Emails right away, just give me a moment to catch my breath first =)

Thanks everyone!

I stand corrected.

Good luck with your business :tup:

Thank you sir! =)

Thanks Valaris!

I’d be interested in some TE ones.

Nice to finally get past this situation. I’ll be replying to your email in just a couple minutes, Art.

TE Plexi’s are not yet in production. But should be some time later next week once I’ve completed my prototype this weekend =)

Please check back at my site, or this thread, for the announcement next week.

I wonder if you make these for HRAP1 sticks. If you will be doing this eventually I will be VERY interested in your work.

What is the going price for a template of yours? I didn’t see any prices listed on your website.

The prices are listed under each listing showing thickness variants.

Since this is the official thread now, I’m just reposting my review to support arthong:

I was the first order, so I managed to snag one of the ones arthong made before he started taking orders for his first production set. The packaging was very secure, and my package survived a cross-country trip. I’m very pleased with the results. The plexiglass gives it a professional look and I definitely recommend any HRAP EX owner to get it if they’re looking to put some art on it.

Anyway, here are some pics:

Here you can see how much the 1/16 plexi protrudes from the case.

Witness my horrible cutting job around the turbo/headport box.

I know that TE top is being prototyped, but what’s the estimated thickness?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thanks again, Ubetuff!!

I’m starting off with the 1/16" thickness. If I have time I’ll try a 3/32", but the primary concentration will be on the 1/16". I will take pics when prototype is successful =)

Have a good weekend guys. I’m going to be unreachable during most of the weekend with the production, so I will get back with answers early next week!

Oh, man. I can’t wait till you got the TE stick plexi glass ready. I’ve been waiting to mod my TE stick’s art for awhile, but I was unsure if I could cut the plexi glass well enough. Kudos to you, man!

Goodluck with the 1/16" TEs. I sent you an email about picking up a few when they are ready.

btw The HRAP one looks great.

ditto, though I wonder if the plexi will stick out too much on the TE.
Still interested neverthless.

Hmm… I had a question but it seems that you have already answered it.

Nice Work BTW

Hey Art,

I can officially confirm that a custom TE plexi can be cut without
needing to cut out the guide box. I’m in the middle of modding my
TE and the pcb/guidebox can be taken out with 2 screws. I’m throwing
a sixaxis in mine so I can’t use the guide box. I will be contacting you
as soon as you have a prototype made. Keep up the good work!

i keep pondering this mod…

if I get the bat top in and like it, I think it’ll negate the thickness…

I’m pretty much going to have to be the first person to order from you as soon as you start taking orders again :slight_smile: