Acrylic/Plexiglass for your HRAP 3/EX and Mad Catz TE

can’t wait to get it, though i’m not looking forward to getting those quick disconnects off again.

These look great. Looking forward to you opening up again.

Would you cut a custom TE plexi vewlix style?
Cut only 7 holes. But don’t cut out the rectangular
turbo box and don’t cut any holes for screws.

This is highly relevant to my interests.
If you can get that TE proto down and able to fully produce it, you’re going to have more orders than you can shake a stick at.

Best of luck!

Cutting Art

Thanks again for the support guys. Jayducky, please email me for more information. I don’t want to discuss such details within the thread. Thanks!

Hey guys, I wrote a cutting tutorial on how I make relatively clean pattern cuts for my art.

If you’re interested, drop by and take a look here:


looks good might be interested in a TE cover…

I’m definitely interested in a plexi for the TE. I ordered one from someone else here but it turned out to be a paper thin sheet of polycarbonate.

if you do need the sticker from me and do decided to make the HRAP1 plexi id be the first to order , thanks :slight_smile:

cant you just get an older member to create the topic for you then? I’m sure someone could help you out since you are doing a service to the community.

I’d think that should get you at least a tiny bit of slack, considering some of the stuff that doesn’t get modded around here.

i will buy a TE cover from you, possibly a couple
Let us know when you are ready :party:

I offered to do this. Just waiting for a moderator or Mr. Wizard to say it is ok to do. Neither one of us want to receive infractions for stepping over boundaries.

Aye! And I just got a reply from the Power that Be (Mr. Wizard) and he has ok’d this. Just PM’d you Imitrex. Whenever you’re able to create the post, I’ll add the link here.

Thanks again for the support guys. I’ll end this here and wait for the new link to a post with less chance of it getting closed. I will answer further questions there =)

how thick is the plexi?

good stuff arthong

Thanks again for your help, Markman!

And thanks to Imitrex, the “official” thread is here:

Please use that thread for future discussions. Thanks again everyone!


Hey Guys here is my t5 with all Sanwa parts, artwork 'shopped by me, and Plexi by Arthong

I’m super happy with it hope you guys like it. :pleased:

Sorry didnt read the above post^^^

posted one in the official thread

Done…Final touch to my Cammy HRAP EX SE mod.
I posted this in the wrong thread before…oooppsss…
Thanks Arthong for your help, attention to detail, customer service, et al.

Hey, I was wondering if it’s possible to order a plexiglass without the hole where the turbo switches are. I have the HRAP1 version 1.

Let me know. Thanks.

sick stick

Great to see your back! Just ordered a new plexi for my ps3 madcatz te stick! Thanks for the great service, this is a rare find for modders :)!