ACT 1:Aiken Convocation Tournament - Aiken,SC - July 3rd, 2010

ACT 1: Aiken Convocation Tournament

Teaser Trailer: [media=youtube]zCEVwITOKgE[/media]
Facebook Event:

It’s summer time and there are plenty of tournaments going around the East Coast. This time, it’s Aiken’s turn to host. We’re looking to unite gamers from all over the area, from GA, SC, and beyond, in one location. Big Venue, Cool AC, and plenty of games. Whether you’re coming for casual play, to take it all, or coming because you think you’ve got what it takes to prove yourself as a South East champ, all are welcome.

This Event Is Currently Planned to be Live Streamed.

Super Street Fighter 4
Tekken 6
Halo 3 2v2
Super Smash Bros Brawl
UFC 2010
Soul Caliber

Fees: (Applys only to tournament play. Casuals are completely free)
$5 Venue

$5 Tekken 6
$5 Brawl (if enough confirmed and with general consensus, may rise to 10)
$10 Brawl Doubles ( per team)
$10 SSF4
$10 Halo 3 (per team)

Winnings will be distributed as follows:

1st: 70 %
2nd: 20 %
3rd: 10 %

VENUE FEE DISCOUNT: For every INDIVIDUAL that brings a full set, he/she will not have to pay the $5 Venue fee.A full set-up includes the following…

TV - Gaming System - Game

The full set up must be for the intentions of tournament play and must be a qualified set up of the games listed above. ( ex. so you can not bring a set up for Fifa or Madden, and expect to not have to pay the venue fee when you enter in SSF4 etc…)

Schedule of Events Coming soon…

Dont see a Game up there that you’d REALLY like a tournament for? Let us know and if interest reaches over 8 people for that event, we will gladly host. =)

Contact Info:

TJ Sanders
SRK: Khaoz
Phone: (803) 645-8262

Marcel Goss

this is mysterious… anyone going to this??

A thread was alrdy made for this tourney and is currently on the second page. Not sure why another was made but Augusta crew will be attending.