ACT: digital mayem ghetto results 8/29

1 MarlinPie (C.Viper)
2 Shady J (Sagat)
3 will (blanka?)
4 frantastic (sagat/boxer)
5 Tempest Fox (dunno)
5 iumni (dunno)
7 joeymiggs81 (dunno)
7 Vicious (dunno)

BEFORE YOU READ THESE RESULTS, there were… some issues. azn dave lost to taoarc in winners, and then they proceeded to put tao into losers… resulting in a pretty fucked up bracket, which they didnt fix. top 8 is accurate if you exclude azn dave, taoarc probably should have placed 3rd, and 4th would have been whoever would have won in taoarc’s fights in losers (myself, justice, or azn dave).

1 lordknight (litchi)
2 alzarath (rachel)
3 azn dave (noel/tao)
4 taoarc (tao)
5 ken sk (tager)
5 stickbug (nu/noel)
7 justice (bang)
7 mindgame? (arakune) [not sure on this one]

1 marlinpie (baiken)
2 hnh (sol)
3 mindgame (slayer
4 stickbug (jam)

missed the rest sorry.

real results when DM decides to actually do that shit.

You shouldn’t really wait for DM to do it. Just ask them to hook up the laptop to the internet and copy and paste all the results. I usually have no problems with them when I ask.