ACT X @ Digital Mayhem - Walingford, CT - 7-25-09

July 25, 2009

Digital Mayhem
892 North Colony Rd.(RT5)
Wallingford, CT. 06492
For reference, it’s next to a Burger King.

$5 venue fee
$10 GGAC Singles
$10 SF4 Singles
$10 for Blazblue
$15 for GG Teams 3v3 ($5 per team member)

GGAC singles signups ? 12:00am-1:00pm
GGAC team signups - 12:00am-2:30pm
GGAC Singles- 1:00pm
GG teams- 2:30pm

Balzblue singles signups- 12:00am-3:45pm
Blazblue singles- 3:45pm

SF4 singles signups - 12:00am-5:00pm
SF4 singles- 5:00pm

*If GG singles run into BB singles ill run both simultaneously and hold off some singles matches if the player is currently in a team?s match

*The same till go for SF4

*Please understand that times can change depending on certain situations.


-BYOC (Bring your own controller/stick)
-Button mapping will be allowed. Let your opponent know before the match.
-Pausing during a round results in that player losing that round.

BlazBlue singles:
-Version of Blazblue being used is PS3 Version (US).
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Matches set at 3 rounds

  • More rules to be determined through discussion.
  • Seating will be determined after this ACT

GGAC Singles:
-Version of Guilty Gear being used is Accent Core (US).
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Matches set at 3 rounds
-Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.

  • Seating and Region placement will be incorporated into brackets.

GG 3v3:

  • Version of Guilty Gear being used is Accent Core (US)
  • One match, Rounds set to 3. First team to eliminate the opposing team is the winner. Double Elimination.
    -No same characters on one team (i.e. no Sol, Sol, Ky).
  • Use of EX, Gold and Shadow characters are not allowed in tournament play.

Street Fighter IV:
-PS3 version will be used.
-Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches, Finals will be Best 3 out of 5 Matches. Rounds will be set at 3
-Winner keeps the same character. The loser can choose a new character. .
-All Characters Allowed

Pot Split:
BlazBlue singles 70-20-10
GGAC Singles- 70-20-10
SF4 Singles- 70-20-10
GG 3v3 Teams- 70-30

i guess the vernon location was not liked very much

no sf4 3v3? I liked the other place and it was like 2 mins from gabe :wgrin: They also had the big tvs which are great for finals matches. They also got the slush place right next to it haha. Only thing about Dm is they dont have any ps3’s?

chris you got to remember that this was originally a guilty gear tournament. so thats what they focused on. They will also have blazblue as well which was made by the company. Street fighter was always second in the act tournies.

Ahh ok. I had no idea. We jsut got back before all the ACT tournies came around. All good. Maybe Ill have enough time to get half decent in BB though :slight_smile:

Street fighter 4 is all over the place now so im just trying to spread the love a little to guilty lol.

I sent you a pm please read it when you have the chance. Thank you

So im being asked to take SF4 out of my line up by certain people. Part of this decision lies with ACT participants, So let your voices be herd please hehe.

I just talked to mike and he said you won’t need to change anything. I told him what we discussed in PM and he said it was cool to do that. Sry about the hasstle and I hope everything goes well for your tourney.

If anybody is interested here is my thread for my tourney in July.

Its no hassle at all.

i’ll try

sticky this please

Anyone want to let me borrow their controller/stick? :lovin:

I might be there because I doubted BB at first but now I love it. YEAH YEAH TAGER!!!

As long as you don’t break it, I won’t mind.

Hah, I would never. Now if it was my brother… don’t know if I could guarantee anything :arazz:

You really shouldn’t say that anyways because people are very hesitant about lending there sticks out. Anyways I hope I can make this because I need some Tager practice.

So is SFIV still in the line up? If so im pretty sure ill make it to this.

Its in the line up man no worries

Damn man… I really have to mod my 360 stick fucking SOON.

Otaku, I went from just about getting nowhere in West Hartford to third place when I borrowed someone’s stick last weekend. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish you guys were there though man!