ACT XIII - 3/6/2010 - Battle Grounds in Vernon, CT - GG, SFIV, MB results


1 MarlinPie
2 blueNINE
3 Nuclear Cheese
4 Mindgam3
5 Nazgul
5 Genstov
7 Furok
7 Baka
9 Stryfe
9 Asian Dave
9 Otakuchin


1 MarlinPie
2 Team Bandit Revolver is the Future
3 Team Dave is the Only Good Player
4 Team Flipper and Slimer
5 Team I Don’t Give a Shit
6 Team Mahou Shoujo Slayer Chat


1 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens
2 Chris “CP” Pereira
3 Paul "Wall"
4 Brainyi
5 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
5 Bwiyon
7 MarlinPie (FYC)
7 Pancho
9 Magno
9 The Realyst
9 illwill
9 Domo
13 Zorin
13 Rich
13 Andersen
13 Will
17 Vigilante
17 Free Chicken
17 Knives
17 Jamal "dwEEb"
17 Tales
17 Hippie CT
17 Wednesday Dagger
17 ThatGuy
25 Aumni
25 Kona


1 McDonald’s Playland
2 I need to support my children
3 Gen Masters
4 Last Boss
5 I Dont Know
5 Free Chicken
7 Mr. Anderson
7 Large Breast Cause Global Warming
9 Team Destroy
9 Team New Hampshire
9 slice of life anime


1 LordPangtong (F-V.Akiha)
2 Kirah (F-Aoko)
3 Komidol (F-Kohaku)
4 Nuclear Cheese (C-Aoko)
5 Fraga (C-Warachia/H-Roa)
5 Furok (C-Ciel/F-Sakiha)
7 Kayin (F-Ryougi)
7 The Lazy One (C-Nanaya)
7 Tales (F-Hisui/F-Sion)
9 Baka (H-Sion)
9 Nazgul (H-Aoko)
9 Kona (C-Ryougi)
13 Mr. Wang (F-Ciel)

sorry for arriving late to this haha :sweat:

ggs to all I played and it was good seeing some of the western ma and ct players again

gs to marlinpie, your viper is getting pretty scary

The turnout was a bit low (though still good, at 30+ people), but there were two tournaments in NYC on the same day, and there were problems for some people who wanted to make it. Also, there are a lot of people picking up Guilty Gear in this region, and the hype for SSFIV is high. I think the turnout will be much better next time.

GGs, everyone! Sorry, Ill Will, for letting you down in GG teams…but you did same for me! Hahaha. Let’s be better next time, bro. Good shit making it to the tournament, and I’m glad we teamed, and that you played some Guilty Gear!

MarlinPie – it was great teaming with you. Next time we have to take 1st in SFIV teams. I’ll be leveling up that Abel, and will work hard to play more solidly. (SUPPORT THAT SHIT!)

Special thanks to eastern Mass and Rhode Island making it to this. I hope you’ll come to ACT regularly.

Thanks to everyone who helped to organize and run this, and to everyone who brought a setup.

Good shit to all I played. I fucked up in SF4 singles but I won’t sleep on that. I’ll make up for it next time. Count on it!

I am the King of McDonald’s.