ACT XIII - 3/6/2010 - Battle Grounds in Vernon, CT - GG, SFIV, MB

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The Battle Ground Game Arena
378 Kelly Road, Unit #3
Vernon, CT USA 06066



Saturday, March 6th, 2010. The venue opens at noon.

GG teams will start at 2:00 p.m.
SFIV teams will start at 4:00 p.m.
MB will start at 6:00 p.m.

GG and SFIV singles will start a bit after teams finish.


Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (PS2)
Street Fighter IV (PS3)
MELTY BLOOD Actress Again (PS2)


Venue fee - $5

GG singles - $10
GG 3v3 teams - $15/team ($5/teammate)

SFIV singles - $10
SFIV 2v2 teams - $10/team ($5/teammate)

MB singles - $5

Pot split.

Singles - 70/20/10 (or 70/30, if the turnout is low)
Teams - 70/20/10 (or 70/30, if the turnout is low)



-BYOC (bring your own controller)
-No pausing during match
-Rounds are set at 3
-Best 2 out of 3 matches
-Best 3 out of 5 matches for all finals
-Double elimination
-Time limit set to 99

GG 3v3 teams (PS2):

-No use of like characters (Ky, Ky, and Sol, etc.)
-After team member loses match, next team member plays
-No EX, gold, or shadow characters
-Kliff and Justice banned

SFIV 2v2 teams (PS3):

-Waseda style
-No use of like characters (Ryu and Ryu, etc.)

GG singles (PS2):

-See general rules
-No EX, gold, or shadow characters
-Kliff and Justice banned
-Button mapping allowed

SFIV singles (PS3):

-See general rules
-All characters allowed

MB singles (PS2):

-See general rules
-Original Balance settings will be used
-Archetype Earth is banned
-Button mapping allowed

Other notes.

There will be casuals for all of the tournament games (and maybe more)! Also, the venue owns several systems, and there will likely be at least one 360 SFIV setup in addition to the ones on PS3.

Well I’ve already taken time off for Asiantom’s tournament on the 7th but if work and money willing I’ll try and make it to this too!

Do it up, man.


Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it, duty calls at work I’m afraid. Hope you guys get a good turnout though and that I see some of you at AsianTom’s tournament on Sunday!

Interesting, I might be able to go

Don’t be fooled by the low post count here – a lot of people are planning to hit this, and have confirmed elsewhere (be it in person, on other forums, or otherwise). ACT is back. Get hype!

can i see a list of players i wanna go but not if there are 12 people coming.

There should be alot of players coming to ACT. One of them is MarlinPie and I know you want to get back at him for placing higher than you wall.

I don’t have a list, but there should be around 25 people, maybe more. I hope to see you there, Paul.

LOL to this post

People from MA, CT, RI, NH, and VT all confirmed. NY and NJ are possibilities. It’s honestly just that a lot of people are posting from Dustloop, and I’ve just been talking with SRK people about it individually.

Bump this to the first page

looks like azntom and i will make it out to this

but damn its going to start late -_-

Shit should be fun.

It does make it better for me though, I am usually there as soon as the place is open but I got work stuff till noon. :slight_smile:


Good shit, guys. This is looking good.

I spoke with Chin today, and now he’ll be running the tournament using the famous Tonamento!

Good to know plus I need help using that so please teach Alex.

This looks like it’s shaping up to be good shit, too bad I can’t make it cause of work. Good luck to everyone though and hope to see you all at Souper Bowl tomorrow!


1 MarlinPie
2 Alexander “blueNINE” Smith
3 Nuclear Cheese
4 Mindgam3
5 Nazgul
5 Genstov
7 Furok
7 Baka
9 Stryfe
9 Asian Dave
9 Otakuchin

1 MarlinPie
2 Team Bandit Revolver is the Future
3 Team Dave is the Only Good Player
4 Team Flipper and Slimer
5 Team I Don’t Give a Shit
6 Team Mahou Shoujo Slayer Chat

3 Komidol (F-Kohaku)
4 Nuclear Cheese (C-Aoko)
5 Fraga (C-Warachia/H-Roa)
5 Furok (C-Ciel/F-Sakiha)
7 Kayin (F-Ryougi)
7 The Lazy One (C-Nanaya)
7 Tales (F-Hisui/F-Sion)
9 Baka (H-Sion)
9 Nazgul (H-Aoko)
9 Kona (C-Ryougi)
13 Mr. Wang (F-Ciel)

Teams results: SF4 Teams

1 McDonald’s Playland
2 I need to support my children
3 Gen Masters
4 Last Boss
5 I Dont Know
5 Free Chicken
7 Mr. Anderson
7 Large Breast Cause Global Warming
9 Team Destroy
9 Team New Hampshire
9 slice of life anime

SF4 Singles
1 Rob “WeakSauc3” Stevens
2 Chris “CP” Pereira
3 Paul "Wall"
4 Brainyi
5 Tom “asiantom” Hoang
5 Bwiyon
7 MarlinPie (FYC)
7 Pancho
9 Magno
9 The Realyst
9 illwill
9 Domo
13 Zorin
13 Rich
13 Andersen
13 Will
17 Vigilante
17 Free Chicken
17 Knives
17 Jamal "dwEEb"
17 Tales
17 Hippie CT
17 Wednesday Dagger
17 ThatGuy
25 Aumni
25 Kona

Was cool seeing everyone there, had lots of fun, definitely getting in melty more, and need to get more practice in in Guilty