Action Figure Thread 2.0!


I was looking for this thread for a while now… Thanks for resurrection Sano!

Hot Toys DX Joker 2.0 came in the mail this week!

And another Hot Toys figure I picked up a while ago, Predators: Classic Predator

Hot Toys is an expensive hobby… Especially when getting Transformer Masterpieces as well :frowning:
Luckily there aren’t any currently I want and don’t own :slight_smile:

Joker is just plain awesome in terms sculpt and accessiores.
Predator ain’t no slouch either :slight_smile:


That Joker is SICK!


Agreed. That’s probably the best looking Joker I’ve ever seen.


Could have sworn I posted this already but I guess not.

Recently picked up this Mega Man model by Kotobukiya:


Just got the DC Collectibles Arkham Origins Batman


Picked up D-Arts Terry Bogard:

And this 1/6 Ryofu (Ikki Tousen) PVC:

Also finally got around to taking Milla out of the Tales of Xillia box:


Had to pay a high price for Piccolo ($100.00). From now on I’m pre-ordering every single one of these Figuarts DBZ figures, they get expensive too quick:

I also have Cell and Krillin on the way. Gonna take so good shots of them all together soon and post 'em.


Torn between mafex the dark knight rises batman, dc direct arkham city series 4 batman and dc collectible arkham origins batman. I’m after the posability and look. Which one do you guys recommend?


From those I like the Arkham City series 4 Batman because when in doubt go with the one Kevin Conroy voiced lol!


LOL yeah I love conroy VA batman. But the face on that figure bothers me or is it just me?


You’re right the Arkham Origins one does have a better face. Design-wise it’s better than the Arkham City one.

I’m not much of a fan of Batman’s costumes in any of the Hollywood movies but that’s just me so I would skip the Mafex one. The Ben Affleck costume he is getting is supposedly going to look really good, not all Black-Matrixy. Unfortunately, any figure will have Ben Affleck’s face lol! Oh well he might have the chin for it I guess.


So what’s the verdict? I haven’t bought a 6 inch batman figure since the animated one with the grappling hook. LOL I’m staying away on the affleck figure unless it doesn’t look like affleck.


Arkham Origins I’d say.


Looks like it’s going to be difficult to find that. Only one I’ve seen in our local store is the arkham city.


Amazing G.I. Joe Baroness figure!


Went ahead with arkham city batman. It’s a good looking figure. Love the menacing look of the head and the body sculpt has lots of details when looked closely.


A Megatron toy that transforms into a Sega Mega Drive OH SNAP!


Gentlemen, I give you the adventures of Hot Toys Jack Sparrow!
(I got him a month ago but I was too lazy to up the pics lol)
Keen eyes will spot a Wesker cameo in the background XD


Ha the Transformers x Evangelion figure turned out to be a prank. At least I can go back to hating Optimus again. GO MEGATRON! Lol!


Disney Infinity figures and Mega Man’s Amiibo figure. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 reunion pic lol!