Action in the 408?

Where are the SF hotspots in San Jose? Don’t really feel like skulking around a student union.

I had a similar post here:
I’m told Golfland at late night and the SJSU arcade are the places to go, but don’t take my word for it

Yeah those are the places that I have heard too but are there any people in the area that host events at their place?

Not really interested in heading downtown and fucking with parking. And there’s no SFIV at Golfland.

No proper tournaments/get-togethers outside of SJSU?

I have not seen any posts on here about local get-togethers other then people meeting up at SJSU to play.

How about somebody start some shit? Playing casuals anywhere with other people on weekends sounds like a great idea in my book. I don’t have much equipment, but I’d be glad to help by donating my time. Would anybody be willing to host?

I’d love to see something start up in the area. I’d offer to host, but unfortunately, my apartment barely has enough room for me and my girlfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be up to bringing some gear, including a TV.

Cmon, there has to be someone else in San Jose out there…

Which one of you scrubs wants to check out the legendary KS? South San Jose Baby!

I got an open spot this Friday.

Post a pic and story about yourself.

Now this sounds like some online dating shit…
fukin’ a picture & a paragraph

Are you trying to give me the job interview vibe?

I just got back into playing 2D fighters with SFIV. I’m a scrub; your girlfriend could probably beat me. I want to play more, get better. I work at a Gamestop on the north side. I have two dogs. I like drinking beer. This is a photo of me.

Screw it. I’d love to “check out the legendary KS”, and see it for myself at least once. Here goes!

About me: I only recently got into 2d fighters. I can rushdown and mixup, but have extremely poor defense, thus am still a scrub. I’ve been trying to get better by studying footage, realizing my mistakes, and am also willing and able to learn more.

Here’s a story, in case this is what you were actually looking for. So I’m just chillin’ at home on a Friday night and I hear this noise from my neighbors’ house. They sound like they’re having a blast, so I decide to come over with some 1800 (tequila). Turns out they’re just having some beers on their roof with a bunch of their friends. When I get up there we get drunk and they start chucking some bottles off the roof. We run out of booze and head downstairs. Ten minutes later, we get a knock on the door - it’s the cops (OH FUCK). So we answer the door and turns out some dumbass kid decides to go skateboarding down the hill in the middle of the night.He trips, eats shit on the broken bottles, and then has to go to the hospital. Our night pretty much ended after sweeping up the glass. I feel horrible about it, but it wasn’t fully my fault cause I didn’t throw the bottles and that kid should not have been boarding when he couldn’t see the road.

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of me:

Albert, I wanna go to KS2 sometime but I don’t know how or where to get to it. I know Lyle and a while ago he said I should come but I needed to ask you. I work down that way at Namco so it would be pretty easy for me to show up after work whenever you guys are doing your thing.

PM Sent Mahfuckah

PM Sent Mahfuckah!

Sorry, quota for scrubs is filled for this weekend. Plus, I didn’t see a pic.

Sub-Zero and Cammy are coming to KS this weekend. Siiicckkk…

Oh my god, Black Robert…your SIG!

How is Mr. Robert Baker doing these days?

PM didn’t come through.

Sry I don’t have a pic. Its cool though, I am a scrub so whatevs.

Sweet, going to Keystone! Btw Albert, I heard you know Khanh (kenny’s girl). She’s my cousin - small world

Yeah, she comes with Kenny sometimes.