Action packed MMO?


Hey doods what’s up?

I’m looking for a cool MMO to play
I though it would be a good idea to ask shoryukenerserses because we all like fighting games, therefore we must have something in common when it comes to taste in gaming lol

Anyway, i want to play a cool MMO with a large open world to explore but i don’t want the fights to be boring
Everything i find is basically click click click click > if enemy is dead, get loot, if not, use potion > repeat

To be short: the closest to bayonetta, the better the game is lol
I want flashy battles with awesome combos and hack and slash shit

Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, if you play the game, have a guild, and stuff like that, It would be awesome to play with you :slight_smile:

Oh, almost forgot: Free = Good. Pay to win = Bad. Paid game = No problem. Monthly fee = I would avoid that…

Peace! see you guys around


Dragon Nest is pretty good but the room for dicking around and exploring is not that high. There are a couple of Korean free to play games that follow the more action less dicking around option.

Final Fantasy XIV has a system that has combos and exploration, but it has a monthly fee. Encounters are a lot more entertaining and difficult.

Although it does not qualify as the traditional MMO, I have to say Borderlands 2 has some aspects of MMORPGs in FPS. Game is fun regardless.


Not MMO, but if you have Korean SSN, you can play Dungeon Fighter.

Dragon Nest (Nexon America version) is horrid.

Path of Exile is okay.


RIP NA DFO. :sad: :sad:


Does this look entertaining to you? (Both videos are from a healer’s perspective so not much moving around/action-y stuff, but DPS classes go ham):

Or this:

If so, get FFXIV. PC, PS3, and PS4 versions available :tup:


Really? Aside from the voice acting and the fact that we aren’t as up to date as the Korean version, why so?