Action Sequence :Comments?


This scene is almost over (it starts two pages before the first page) There are only 2 pages left to go… We tried very hard to present a fast, powerful, and exciting scene… I’m not sure how well it work, over all I’m pretty pleased.

Any Comments?



Looks really good. I think you did an excellent job at story progression.


This’s really sweet!! Very nice selection for action captures.



W:eek:W!!! Great stuff man!!!:cool:


good i like it…

just a minor thing- the rockets that fire off carry the same colour as the injured? sometimes this can look confusing …you eventually tell what it is , but by glance it looks as though blood is splattered thoughout each frame:confused:…

-other than that very small colour thing dude, - Fantastic job…:slight_smile:


smoke from rockets

I kinda agree with Gunstar… the red smoke was a bit confusing at first glance, but after a 2nd look I understood it was a marker for the planes behind.

still, it’s darned good stuff even with that nitpick :slight_smile: