Active Daily Gen Training Sessions on XBL

On Weekends, I want to try and host 8 Lobby Endless Battles’ from 4 - 6 PM PST for those of you who are avaliable during that time period. During Weekdays, most of us are less active, but I’m avaliable most of the day so if any of you want to get-together for a session(s) during a certain time period, please post here, and it’s likely I’ll be avaliable. I’m accepting Friend Requests also, so add me if you’d like. I’m not the best Gen Player out there, but I am more Skilled then most of them. This is just a small way to start, and if it becomes more active we’ll naturally have more sessions. This is a great Opportunity for everyone to learn new things about Gen, to improve yourselves, and to possibly meet more experienced Gen Players and to learn from them.

8 endless lobbys are stupid. why should someone wait half an hour to play? 3 at max is the way to go.

also there is a Gen online thread.

Waiting is a normal part of a group effort, and playing isn’t the only way to learn. Watching and examining is too.

I’m aware there is another Thread, but it’s old, not active and doesn’t receive much attention.

If I want to watch there are literally thousands of gaming matches on niconico douga or youtube for me to examine/analyze.

Also, you are aware that by posting in that ‘old’ thread it will be bumped to the top of the Gen section right?

I appreciate your lack of enthusiasm and narrow-minded comments, and this isn’t the first time you’ve expressed such towards me without good reason. There are people who appreciate my patronage, and that’s the important thing.

There is good use for this idea and just because there is a directory thread doesn’t mean that we should be trying to schedule a meet where people can play at once and give their input. Playing with a bunch of Gen’s makes sense. Some times having to wait for someone to reply on here and give a half ass explanation is a waste of time. Also some people have a better understanding if they watch a Gen play. Finding a Gen in the reply list is ridiculous. As well. Half of the really hard match ups for Gen aren’t on youtube. Most of the videos I watch of other Gens playing other characters are some of his okay match ups. It’s hard pressed to find a Gen vs Ken match up where you can learn something. As well gen vs new characters. It’s hard pressed enough to get answers some times because Gen isn’t a popular character. IMO anything helps. The directory thread was for placing your name in there. It would be pointless to have conversations in there about everyone meeting up. This keeps things separate. I for one would like to do this. because I’ve been getting so much slack from other Gen players about my lack of footsies and I’m doing something about it. But having someone tell me some thing via text can only go so far. Sometimes I really just want to say. If you can do things much better, make a damn video and show me. But I realize you all are just trying to help and try to visualize it all myself and practice. But like I said, reading text can only go so far. That’s why I decided to make Gen Combo videos. Just puts a new fresh coat of paint on the whole combo thread.

i was refering to this thread:

also gen vs gen is ok to learn (in particular the matchup) but from this no ken - gen mathcup expeirince will spawn for instance.
8 players are just way to overloaded. you play a round, lose and have to wait 30 minutes again. you can’t use the tools and try stuff that way.
4 players at max.

Zuuku obviously you won’t be in our little session…I mean if you’re not going to be apart of it. Why come in here and cause problems. Just stop while you’re ahead…I learn things from 8 player lobbies. Gives me time to see what this person does in this situation and I compare it to what I would have done. Then I can share my opinion with the rest of the room after the match and see what their option would have been. All in all I’ve been in a room full of Gens where each one played completely opposite. I know the learning experience and curve it can provide first hand. If you’re not going to be a part of it or support it just don’t post in here. Makes sense right?

All in all…Dante I’m down with this. :slight_smile:

i just came by to say there is allrdy a thread and gave my opinion that 8 player lobbiers have no learning effect. you could watch youtube videos aswell. theory is one thing, actuall playing and using the stuff is another. and nobody can tell me that this is the “best way to learn” is wating half an hour to play 2/3 rounds where you can’t really try the stuff you’ve learned.
^that was my opinion, i mean we r a forum n stuff. it’s normal that opinions differ.

my second answer was an answer to another post, refering that i didnt meant the directory thread but the all time all gen one.

and I think i’ve done nothing inlegit. the opposite - I’m SUPPORTING the idea but to get the maximum effect you want to minimize the players. Do your 8 lobby once and you’ll see what i mean. You barely lost, have learned a new insight and you want to try it instantly, but no - wait 30 min till you get another chance :3

btw I played with indico and thabook24 quite alot - 1on1. He’s imo the best gen on PSN (that I’ve seen or faced that is, no insulting intended) and lemme say that this has an intense learning effect.

Again I want to help by sharing my expierience in lobby play.
8 Player lobby with chitchat is fun, no doubt, but for learning that is - you want to try something else :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree with Zukuu, you’d get more bang for your buck if you do 4 player lobbies. You get to play more and watching 3 matches is enough time to talk to the other players about your matches and their own.

For a teacher, it’s easier to teach a class of 8 then it is to teach a class of 64.

Im up for it, but for future reference for me and for everyone on XBL please include in your “please add me” message that your from shoryuken about Gen training* and practice

ya I agree 8 is steep. But the idea is a good idea IMO.

did anything ever come of this? My gamertag is Dj Opiate. hit me up if u have any info i guess.