Activegamers Blazblue Tournament 9/12 Hawthorne, CA

I’m not part of Activegamers, just trying to spread the word. Originally posted on dustloop.
EDIT: Thread title has WRONG DATE! It’s 9/19 same day as the SFIV tourney!!!

ACTivegamerS presents: SFIV+BLAZBLUE, Hawthorne Ca, 9-19-09

ACTivegamerS is hosting a SFIV and Blazblue event in the state of the art
athletic center in Hawthorne california Sept 19th. The events include SFIV
and Blazblue singles and 3v3 teams. As a reward for Alex Valle winning
the previous SFIV singles event we invite him to enter this tournament singles
event free of charge.

This is~ a BYOC/BYOS event but just in case we are happy to announce once
again that we have in stock 4 Limited Edition Madcatz Street Fighter IV Sticks
for public use of tournament players and Xbox controllers. All tournament matches
will be played on Xbox 360’s on HD monitors.

Seeing as how this is our second event and we already see such great support,
we will continue to work for what we hope everyone wants and that’s the feeling
of being a true “professional” in the competitive gaming scene.

any questions or suggestions regarding this event please leave your comments
here on this thread or feel free to contact me via aim or phone. (contact information follows at the end of the thread)

1st Place - 60% of total pot + (Free entry to next tournament*)
2nd Place - 30% of total pot
3rd place 10% of total pot

*- applies to singles only

HAX "Hangar Athletic Xchange"
3203 Jack Northrop Ave. , Hawthorne, CA 90250


Singles Sign-ups and Casuals Begin at 11:00am and end at 12:30

“Singles” Tournament Start scheduled to start at promptly 1:00pm

“3v3” Sign-Ups Begin as the singles event is coming to close ( 3-4 rounds before Grand finals)


Tournament Fees

Door Fee: $8.00
Singles Entry: $5.00
3v3 Entry: $5.00 each player


Additional Information:

-food will be sold at the venue if you choose you can drive minutes away to a variety of different restaurants in the area

-available upon request for play are copies of Blazblue and XBOX systems with MVC2 downloaded



“1v1 Ruleset”

Timer - 99 Second
3 round
Best of 3 matches
Losers Finals, Winner Finals and Grand Finals Best of 5 matches

Double Elimination Bracket

“3v3 Ruleset”

Each team Selects who to go first

Timer - 99 Second
one character each team
order is changeable between fights
once one person loses the next person goes up until the team’s members lose then the team loses

Double Elimination Bracket


Blazblue Rules:



Standard Best out of 3 games for Prelim Rounds
Best out of 5 for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals

99 second // 2 round

Double Elmination


Each team selects who plays first.
The winner of the first two stays on the console and plays second opponent and so on.

It is possible for one member of a team to defeat a team by himself.

99 second // 2 round

Double Elimination