ACTivegamerS presents SFIV-!150dollars BONUS POT!-, Hawthorne Ca, 8-8-09


Rej and HugS of ACTive gamerS is hosting another Street Figher IV event in a state of the art athletic facility located in Hawthorne CA called “HAX” Hangar Athletic Xchange on August 8th 2009. Providing a total of 4 Limited Edition Street Fighter IV sticks for use by tourney players connected to XBOX’s with all characters unlocked and styles shown on a number of HD Monitors that do not lag we hope to give the best possible experience a tournament can give.

To further prove our interest in growing the competitive scene for Street Fighter IV in the Southern California
area and hopefully around the nation we are announcing our interest in possible sponsorships for the best
players that show commitment and admirable tournament placings at our tournaments. Further information
and details will follow as we begin to see players faithfulness and belief in our attempts and promises.

Our ultimate goal is to provide MLG and EVO level tournaments on a monthly bases. The only way to achieve this is with the support of the community. With that being said please do leave any comments, suggestions, or questions here
on this thread or call Rej.

1st Place - 60% of total pot + (Free entry to next tournament, 100 dollars on top of collected pot*)
2nd Place - 30% of total pot ( 50 dollars on top of collected pot*)
3rd place 10% of total pot

(* applies to singles only)

HAX "Hangar Athletic Xchange"
3203 Jack Northrop Ave. , Hawthorne, CA 90250


Singles Sign-ups and Casuals Begin at 11:00am and end at 12:30

“Singles” Tournament Start scheduled to start at promptly 1:00pm

3v3 Sign-Ups Begin as the singles event is coming to close ( 3-4 rounds before Grand finals)

“3v3” Sign-Ups Begin as Singles Has come to a


Tournament Fees

Door Fee: $8.00
Singles Entry: $5.00
3v3 Entry: $5.00 each player


Additional Information:

-food will be sold at the venue if you choose you can drive minutes away to a variety of different restaurants in the area

-available upon request for play are copies of Blazblue and XBOX systems with MVC2 downloaded

“1v1 Ruleset”

Timer - 99 Second
3 round
Best of 3 matches
Losers Finals, Winner Finals and Grand Finals Best of 5 matches

Double Elimination Bracket


“3v3 Ruleset”

Each team Selects who to go first

Timer - 99 Second
one character each team
order is changeable between fights
once one person loses the next person goes up until the team’s members lose then the team loses

Double Elimination Bracket

contact information
Rej cell phone - (562)290-7851
Rej Aim - “reggiegeeegee”

Alright guys, now that some of the EVO hype is over, I’m bringing this thread back into life.

Are there any questions/comments/or concerns from anyone?

This is going to be dope, hopefully i have the funds by then.

I’ll probably come through with a friend for singles and doubles.

Mind posting a Google Maps link of the location? I tried finding it myself, but found like 4 locations.

ACTive gamerS is adding 150 dollars ontop of the pot and is changing the location to HAX in hawthrone.

When will 3v3 matches begin? Probably can’t make singles but would like to be there for teams but there’s no solid time. Do you expect to start the team tourney before or after 3pm?

theres no way to estimate what time the 3v3 will start due to the fact we have no idea how many people are entering singles. what you can do is just give myself Rej a call the day of and we can easily give you a time.

I hope I can catch singles on time, I get off work at 11:00am but im not sure if traffic will let me get there on time.

me and my team is there. this is going to be sweet

i’ll be stopping by for this. anybody willing to team up for the 3v3?

team BBA…we are there

awesome , if anything you can always call me… and i can add you to the brackets and ill hold of your match as long as possible till you get there. i like starting tournaments on time but i also enjoy accommodating players so this is my way of compromising.

Nice, in this case, I will make both singles and 3v3 for sure.

Meh, gamers are the latest people on the planet.

It’s how things work. Haha.

It has beguuuuuunnnnn… fight!
hope to see some good competition like
all the AI peeps.